17Nov 2015

10 Common Mistakes In Web Design Usability

With the emergence of technologies such as the Internet we are booming in our life. The things which used to be a long way process, now we are having just a click away. But there are certain mistakes or we may say overlooking factor people do make while making a proper website or a home page, some of the common web design usability mistakes are stated below:

1. Simplicity is the best version of beauty

People often make their home page a room of a mess, but they do forget that it is a similar place like they dwell in their house too. So the unusual trash should get clean on a regular basis. The content need to be updated and the space for advertisement should not go beyond the content of the website or the pages.

2. Uniqueness

Web page or a website should be as much unique as it can attract people to open it and pay their valuable time on it, rather they must be having endless option for the same. Regular boring contents people just only skip don’t even bother to open that. It’s a real challenge to make one’s webpage other among the competition among billions.

3. Short and Sweet

People don’t have much time to pay for a website with unnecessary description, it’s a matter of boredom and irritation for them. So it is advisable to keep the content short and sweet.

4. Neglecting Snaps

We love to see photograph with an article as a photograph can speak in a more definite and realistic manner than an article, therefore skipping photographs with articles is like making a meal without salt.

5. Contact Details

As with the use of the internet, the rate of cyber crime has been increased to an ample level. Providing valid contact details and responding to the query and mails of the reader would be appreciated, as people often get trapped in a fake website and fake profiles.

6. Unusual content

There are such websites which harm our devices when we open it. With some sort of adware or malware or unusual music it may swing the mood of the person who had decided to read it certain times back. So it should be taken into consideration to keep out the webpage of any kind of viruses as people often block those websites.

7. Scrutinizing

Scrutinizing the content of what we are writing or uploading on the webpage is a matter of fact, as wrong information if goes viral it can’t be reverted back to normal.

8. Inclusion of a music player

The addition of a music player can be sometimes good, but sometimes annoying too. The music player should be added only if it is connected to the services of the websites.

9. Keep in mind about the mobile users

With the growing popularity of the smartphones, having a website which is not responsive and cannot be opened on mobile phones is a major drawback.

10.  Ignoring the contact page

The contact page is the most important portion of a website as it enables the users to make a contact with you, but most of the time designers ignore this part or forget to include it, which is a major drawback.

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