17Nov 2015

6 Web Design Typography Mistakes To Avoid

Typography is one of the most important aspects that must not be neglected at any cost in website designing. Unfortunately, this is one section the most inexperienced designers either ignore to pay attention or do the wrong things which leads to negative results.

Importance of Typography

The basic function of any website is to deliver information. Content on the website, when it cannot be read by the people, spoils the very purpose of creating the website. The desired target can never be achieved when typography is not good.

Typography is not something that ends with selecting a suitable font face. It is more than that. An experienced professional web designer automatically implements all the typographical points in his designing. However, many CMS platforms allow intelligent users to install and set up their own websites without the help of professionals. It is of much importance to select the right template with good typographical aspects for the success of any website.

Deciding the right font face among the plethora of choices is a bit difficult for designers when they decide not to use standard or the most common font faces. However, web designers must avoid certain wrong practices while implementing whatever font face they choose.

Top Mistakes to be avoided in Typography

  • The right line length:

    Easy reading depends on the line lengths too. Though right line length has been long before found out, it is ridiculous and cannot be followed in the recent responsive world.  However, to be on the safe side, keep the line length within 45 characters minimum and 80 characters maximum. Very short line, very long lines and lines starting with the next line at the end pose difficulty to the readers.

  • Tracking Space:

    Tracking is the space in between the letters. The reading fluency gets affected when tracking is not good. This varies with font types and hence, careful consideration must be given to ensure good tracking. Of course, Logos and Titles can be fancy, but not the body text. A simple test to fix the tracking is to check the easy identification of letters ‘V’ and ‘W’ when written consequently.

  • Mismatching among fonts:

    Some time ago, the choices of font types is very limited. Now, with the inclusion of web fonts it is very difficult to select the right one. Of course, the choices of looking good as well bad have increased tremendously. Experimenting is the only way to set up good font combinations.  The main goal is to achieve harmony.

  • Wrong Font Choices:

    Many good fonts go wrong when used in the body text. Decorative fonts that look very attractive need not suit the body text. Designers must not allow themselves to get carried away.  The main rule is to select one that is easily readable, linear and classic.  One more point to remember is to go with the situation. Thick, rounded fonts like ‘Sans Serif’ are suitable to deliver friendly messages, whereas ‘Serif’ types are for authoritative content like legal documents.

  • Wrong Color Choices:

    Neither very strong nor very weak contrasting colors are ineffective.

  • Leading:

    Sufficient space between lines is very important. In general, 140% of font size is ideal.

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