Oct 31 2013

Design Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Website’s SEO

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We all know the complexity of designing a website. While going along with the design process, there are few things to consider such as website usability, responsive design, better user experience, styling and so on. Most designers and developers almost forget about the website SEO while trying to create a top notch website. Even if […]

Oct 10 2013

Flat Design Trends in Websites and Mobile applications

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Flat Design Trends, Flat Web Design, Flat Design

Though the Flat Design has been around for many years, 2013 really is considered to be a year of flat design in the digital front. Flat Design avoids big buttons with gradients and many other such call-to-action stuffs, based on the belief that technological literacy has improved a lot in the last few years and […]

Oct 10 2013

How To Implement Sign in With Twitter

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Sign in with Twitter can be implemented OAuth based. We will now discuss how to obtain the access token for sign in flow. It is essential that users should know about OAuth 1.0a protocol before going through this article. If you want to know how to sign a request, read the Authorizing a request page […]