Nov 28 2013

Best Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

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creating infographics with the best tools, how to make infographics tools

Hope you have already checked the free Website Speed Insight tools we highlighted before two weeks, and this week we would like to share the best infographic tools which can help you to present information graphics directly to your reader rather than scrolling down lot of texts.  If you ever thought about how to make […]

Nov 25 2013

Benefits of Custom Web Design Over Pre-Built Template

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Whether it is a local flower shop, a supermarket, a school or a hospital, a website is an asset for every business. Business owners also have a natural tendency to get inclined to choosing cost effective ways of building their website, which is why many embark on the pre-built templates for their website solution. But […]

Nov 21 2013

Recent Changes to SEO You Must Know

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There has been quite a lot happening to the SEO world. If you were to run around the online communities, you would come across various myths, rumours & questions that linger on SEO – whether it is still on, or dead. What has changed rapidly in the recent past is Google’s search technology, and the […]

Nov 16 2013

Importance of Google+ Page for Business

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There’s plethora of information. They’re all up for free. People are in constant engagement with individuals and brands alike. Everyone is free to mouth the good and bad. You could like, share, endorse and comment on just about anything. It’s the social world. So, how does that matter to a business? You need to build […]

Nov 13 2013

Take Control of Search Engine Bots. Oh, Really?

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Let’s not get overwhelmed at that. Well yes, you could gain some control. With respect to your own website, you could set some rules and limits. That’s a fair play anyway, you are the host after all. Not every page of your website is alike. Not every page has the same gravity of significance and […]