May 10 2014

Web Design India : Trends We Would Like To See LESS of in 2014

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Web Trends We Would Like To See LESS of in 2014

Design is dynamic. Every changing year introduces new trends and bids goodbye to old ones. Given below are a few design trends that though once lauded have ceased to hold relevance in the changing environment. Content Sliders Content Sliders or Carousels which were once considered to be a cool way to attract page visits have […]

May 6 2014

Tips on Resolving Creative Conflicts for Website Designers

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Tips help resolve creative conflicts

Creativity is a subjective domain. An idea that may seem creative to someone may not seem as exciting to others. This becomes all the more pronounced in a corporate environment when ideas are being brainstormed for a creative output. Disagreements are rampant leading to the ruffling of egos ultimately resulting in the main idea being […]

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