Sep 29 2014

How to Design a Great Single-Page Portfolio

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how to design a great single-page portfolio

There are a wide range of trends that can be used to design single page layouts. There are some unique features that can make the design of a webpage more attractive. Design of the webpage is very important as it creates the first impression on the user, if the design is not proper or up […]

Sep 25 2014

Advantages of Using WordPress for Your Website

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Advantages of using WordPress for your website

Every business today needs an online presence, and just any website simply won’t do! You require a professional website where you can offer a lot of features, and at the same time, managing the content and adding new pages or content should be easy. You do not want to pay a development professional every time […]

Sep 22 2014

User Experience Resolutions for Mobile Application Designing

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User Experience resolutions for mobile application designing

Enhanced user experience is something every mobile application is looking to deliver to the users. Various new trends have been developed when the flat design trend and application development are blended. Simple design with several user-friendly functionality and cross platform compatibility are in great demand and the developers and designers of the new age mobile […]

Sep 15 2014

Tips to Become a Top Class Mobile Designer

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Tips to become a top class mobile designer

[Update: Tips to Become a Top Class Mobile Designer¬†infographic] Mobile has truly arrived, and the growing popularity of platforms like iPhone and Android proves that it is not going anywhere. Smartphones have become as common as computers and laptop devices, and almost everyone carries one with them wherever they go. Mobile designers have emerged as […]