Jun 16 2017

How Big Data Can Help the Commercial Real Estate Space

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Big Data can help commercial real estate space

Take any service industry today – and they will talk about big data and big analytics; real estate is no different. Big Data is transforming trends in this sector like never before; the major reason for this is that the market forces in commercial real estate are impacted to a huge extent, by consumer behavior. […]

May 26 2017

Top 13 Big Data Visualization Tools in the Market Today

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Big data visualization tools

With the technological advancement, data is being produced at a quick pace. Keeping in mind the end goal to deal with this humongous amount of data and to measure them, one need tools that are technologically improved. These tools help in offering intending to the data which can be utilized to strategize the future strides […]

May 12 2017

7 Easy Steps to Enhance ROI by Leveraging Data into Your Marketing Strategy

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Enhance roi by leveraging data into your marketing strategy

Can you just note down how you are utilizing the customer data in your marketing strategy? From names and contact data to the recurrence of buying, aggregate lifetime esteem, these bits of knowledge are useful for more than file organizer filler. With the correct snippets of data about your customers, you can make your whole […]

May 10 2017

10 Reasons to deploy Big Data in your Organization

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Reasons to deploy big data in your organization

Big Data-“changing way of business competency and operations”…Do you favor this statement or you just ignore as you are unaware of Big Data in your organization? Big Data-“changing way of business competency and operations” Click To Tweet Let’s have a detailed analysis about big data and it is upto you to decide whether to deploy […]

Apr 27 2017

Mobile First Indexing Everything We Need to Know and How it Could Affect You

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Mobile First Indexing

The past few years were really one of a nightmare for most of the businesses because Google has been working on constantly improvizing customer experience. And, with each of the update being rolled out it is the site owner and the webmaster who suffers. So, what is it that Google has been working upon to […]

Mar 22 2017

17 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From Your Website

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Why People Don’t Buy Website

Just as with everything else, with websites, first impressions are crucial. There’s no use in driving loads of traffic to your site if your design puts off people! If at first look, visitors don’t like your site, chances are, they are NOT going to buy your products and services. Though the biggest factor that influences […]

Feb 20 2017

Top Reasons: Why Digital Marketing is the best way for Business Growth

Posted on February 20, 2017 | by Vipin Nayar | in Digital Marketing | 2 Comments

Digital Marketing for Business Growth

With the rapid proliferation of information technology (IT), business processes all across the industries have also been changing their modus operandi. Terms like e-commerce, e-tailing, online business, etc. are buzzing everywhere. It is really a great time for the business houses to proliferate their business internationally, which was practically unthinkable even a few years ago. […]

Dec 14 2016

18 Best Free Online SEO Tools

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It is a daunting task for SEO professionals to charge and boost their website’s rankings over the search engines. These people have already made a lot of promises to their clients and have no idea or strategies planned to meet their customer’s business requirements. There are a number of SEO tools that are available to […]

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