Feb 27 2014

Best Free Image Editing Tools

Posted on February 27, 2014 | by Team Acodez | in Web Design Tips & Tools | No Comments

Best Free Image Editing Tools, Best Free Image Editing, Best Editing Tools, Image Editing Tools

We know Adobe Photoshop is the coolest and dominant digital imaging program among professionals. But in case of the beginners, Adobe Photoshop might be not easy to handle. There are people out there who just just want to do small image tweaking like lighting, white balance, red-eye etc., rather than high end detailing. Here are […]

Feb 21 2014

4 Of The Most Common Web Design Myths

Posted on February 21, 2014 | by Mighil Mohan | in Web Design Tips & Tools | No Comments

Most Common Web Design Myths

Myth (meth/): a widely held but false belief or idea. People love to doubt, discuss, debate and argue a lot when it comes to technology. Recently, my colleagues here at design department told me about web design myths or rumors that started long ago, and still continue growing. So I spent some time to research […]

Feb 15 2014

The 5 Best Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

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Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins

Adobe Photoshop, world’s best digital imaging software program. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the 13th major release of Adobe Photoshop with its latest 3D editing and image analysis tools. For years and till date, this software has been the best friend for web designers and photographers over the globe to experiment and master their digital imaging […]

Feb 4 2014

Easy Design Tips for Everyone

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To compete in the global market, you need a well established brand name. If you are part of a company, you know how much important branding is. Top notch visual treatment is necessary for powerful branding. Better elegant design can attract more audience and drive them to your business. If you are running a store, […]

Jan 17 2014

Popular Web Page Designing Services

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Web Page Designing Services, Popular Web Design Technologiesweb page designing, web design services

We look at some of the best web design practices that became a hit recently. Know the features of each of the technologies and understand the advantages and disadvantages.  Responsive Web Page Designing Services Responsive Web Designing are done to make a website fit perfect on the common gadgets of today. As a website is […]

Nov 25 2013

Benefits of Custom Web Design Over Pre-Built Template

Posted on November 25, 2013 | by Team Acodez | in Web Design Tips & Tools | No Comments

Whether it is a local flower shop, a supermarket, a school or a hospital, a website is an asset for every business. Business owners also have a natural tendency to get inclined to choosing cost effective ways of building their website, which is why many embark on the pre-built templates for their website solution. But […]

Oct 31 2013

Design Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Website’s SEO

Posted on October 31, 2013 | by Team Acodez | in Search Engine Optimization, Web Design Tips & Tools | No Comments

webdesigning tips, web desinging in SEO, SEO mistakes, web design mistakes for SEO

We all know the complexity of designing a website. While going along with the design process, there are few things to consider such as website usability, responsive design, better user experience, styling and so on. Most designers and developers almost forget about the website SEO while trying to create a top notch website. Even if […]

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