Mar 3 2015

Essential Glossary of Web Design Terms

Posted on March 3, 2015 | by Team Acodez | in Web Design Tips & Tools | No Comments

essential glossary of web design terms

For people who are going to get started in web design, it is essential to be familiar with specialized terms that are associated with all facets of web designing. Below is a list of essential glossary of web design terms for everyone. Keep in mind that this list is compiled with the aim to provide a […]

Feb 21 2015

The Importance Of Web Optimization & How Can It Be Achieved

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the importance of website optimization and how can it be achieved

Just getting a website designed for your business does not out an end to all your online woes. The website must be optimized for the best result. There are many aspects to website optimization all of them must be given attention so that the overall performance of the website may be optimized. When you optimize […]

Feb 16 2015

How to Design Awesome Landing Pages

Posted on February 16, 2015 | by Team Acodez | in Web Design Tips & Tools | 2 Comments

how to design awesome landing pages

The ultimate goal of Marketing and sales efforts is Conversion, We are working to get more visitors, leads and customers so that they take the next move on our page. If we get them involved in our brand the chances of them buying our product is more. And to achieve this we need to target […]

Feb 10 2015

Fundamentals Of Responsive Designing That You Must Master

Posted on February 10, 2015 | by Team Acodez | in Web Design Tips & Tools | 1 Comment

3 fundamentals of responsive design that you must master

A humongous number of mobile phones with browsing facility have already been sold worldwide. People now invariably use mobile phone for searching for products and services. A testimony to this fact is that more than 70% online traffic comes through mobile phones. It has become mandatory for businesses to target mobile phone users and thus […]

Feb 6 2015

Sure Shot Tips for Designers To Get More Visitors To Your Website

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tips for designers to get more visitors to your website

The ultimate aim to create a website is to make it visible to the audience and encourage them to connect to your business and explore how it can bring a change in their lives. In recent times, the Internet has become ubiquitous and the businesses have realized the compulsion of not just being online, but […]

Jan 30 2015

Basics Of Font Licensing Every Designer Should Know

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basics of font licensing every designer should know

A font license gives the authority to the owner of the license to use the typeface in his own manner as mentioned in the license. Every typeface available comes with a license, even those which are available for free like Canaro. Fonts are basically computer software and like other software you are not supposed to […]

Jan 19 2015

Why is Typography So Important in Web Design ?

Posted on January 19, 2015 | by Team Acodez | in Web Design Tips & Tools | 2 Comments

why is typography so important in web design ?

Just imagine content with very small letters, too close words and lines, cramped without enough space and your reaction.  Even people with normal eyesight cannot stay for reading. Everybody will just get away from that page.  If that is the case, then how can the purpose of the website be achieved? How the conversions will […]

Jan 16 2015

Joomla Web Design Trends To See in 2015

Posted on January 16, 2015 | by Team Acodez | in Web Design Tips & Tools, Web Development Tips &Tools | No Comments

joomla web design trends 2015

Will Joomla web configuration slants, 2015 is a concentrate on straightforwardness and smaller screen sizes more? So we should observe the Joomla Web Design Trends for 2015: The flare-up of Flat Design Level Design is a moderate configuration style that concentrates on ease of use, makes characters turn up as though they are lifted off […]

Jan 14 2015

Benefits of Using HTML5 Animation Over Flash

Posted on January 14, 2015 | by Team Acodez | in Web Design Tips & Tools | No Comments

benefits of using html5 animation over adobe flash

Essential Animation with CSS3 and HTML 5 CSS3additionally brings some extraordinary liveliness methods, and they work flawlessly with HTML 5 code. CSS3and JavaScript has a “start” and an “end” strategy you can use to move a symbol starting with one area then onto the next. You normally utilize this sort of coding when you require […]

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