Jul 17 2017

13 Ways to Turn Your Website into a Powerful Recruiting Tool

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Ways turn website powerful recruiting tool

Employees are the backbone of any organization; they can make or break a business. If they are not qualified, dedicated, efficient, or even if their values are not aligned with those of your company’s, it could prove to be pretty disastrous. Therefore it goes without saying, that it is imperative you hire the best talent, […]

Jun 3 2017

Cognitive Psychology for UX

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Can you pay attention to everything in your environment? No, it is impossible. Even though we have access to millions of TV shows, movies and new videos, we are not able to see everything as we have to spend more than 15 hours in a day. Keeping this in mind It is been said that […]

May 8 2017

Importance of Professional Images on your Website and Platforms to Find it

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Professional images for website

“Images can convey your website message easier”. Do you agree with this statement? Yes, if you need your website to look more professional and attractive, there is only one answer. Change your images. “Images can convey your website message easier”. Click To Tweet To use a best image that suits your website doesn’t need any […]

Apr 29 2017

How To Create A Better Strategy for Efficient Web Design

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Create Better Strategy Efficient Web Design

As users grow more tech savvy, and technologies become more advanced, the job of a web designer has also evolved and has come to mean something wildly different from what it meant a decade ago. Being a web designer is not just about creating a fresh and eye catching design. It is also about ensuring […]

Mar 31 2017

Essential Tips For Corporate Re-branding And Logo Redesigning

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Corporate Tour

Do you feel your market is down? Not getting enough sales? Logo outdated? Don’t worry, a brand refresh or a rebrand will help to flourish more than before. A brand refresh is a betterment for your organization. Consider it like an individual betterment … a trendy hair style or dress, and new shoes that change […]

Mar 13 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Neuro Web Design

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Neuro Web Design

A web site conveys specific messages and is built to reach few goals. Many of them are built to attract users and bring them to business especially e-commerce. Their main target is to attract a large population and make them purchase their products. Recently, a new phenomenon in human factors came into existence which is […]

Mar 9 2017

Top 10 WordPress Design Trends in 2017

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WordPress Design Trends in 2017

Despite the fact that it’s been a long time since its first release, each year WordPress just appears to show signs of improvement and better with staggering new and incredible features. To be clearer, Automattic, the organization behind WordPress, works for its improvement every now and then. In 2016, we saw a few new WordPress […]