17Nov 2015

Easy Tips for Building Touch-Support Website Layouts

Nowadays people usually prefer to pass their time by using smartphones. The smartphones have become a doorway to access various applications and websites, which implies that many people are visiting websites on their small screens by just touching on the screen.

Thus, in order to get more traffic on a particular website, it becomes necessary to create such a design that is compatible to any type of mobile phone with supports GPRS services. With the growing popularity of the smartphones, more and more people are diverting towards the touch screen mobile phones. In order to have a website that can be easily opened on a mobile phone, you will have to create a responsive website design. This has compelled the web designers and developers to find new solutions for mobile internet browsing. Here are some guidelines we have mentioned which will help while building your touch-support website layouts.

  • Proper inclusion of the page elements

The size of the elements is a very important factor that is needed to be kept in mind while creating the design of a website, the page elements should be fitted on the page in such a way that they are easy to interact and touch. The items which are intractable should be larger so that human fingers are easily able to interact with them. According to the iOS interference guidelines the button size of 44 x 44 is equal to the average finger tap.

Tips for Building Touch-Support Website Layouts

  • Accessibility while navigating

It is very important for a website designer to create a neat and clean responsive layout that can completely rearrange the navigation because the touchscreen devices have very less physical space but are more interactivity. To achieve accessibility, you don’t need to hide the navigation off the screen every time, There are many responsive, which gives links into a vertical block just near the header. Always keep in mind that there is an issue of readability beyond design and interaction. Links of navigation should be large enough to be removed off the screen, but not large enough that they capture the whole viewing area.

  • Minimize the clutters

It can be very annoying to visit to a deeply cluttered website. While browsing on through a small screen touch phone, threefold is the most annoying factor. If there is less space for tappable surface or readable content then it can create a big problem. While the designing the responsive design for small screen phones, it is not necessary to keep the content of the website as it appears in the full sized website. Various page elements that are not so important can be removed while creating the page for the small touchscreen devices. Reduce to number on-screen elements at any given time, which will let the users focus well.

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  • Enough space should be provided to swipe the screen

The amount of content filling the viewing area of the phone is a very crucial factor, there must be a few open spaces through which the users can easily swipe the screen without clicking any link or button and this can be accomplished by the use of wider-line height value.

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