17Nov 2015

Few Tips To Simplify Your Website Design

Simplifying your website is perhaps the key to its success. However, working towards simplifying it may seem to be a daunting task. Not if you know how to concentrate on your objectives and are able to identify the right tools to help you achieve them through your website. These are not technical tips but few principles that you can use as your guide to simplify your website design constantly.

Include the Priorities and Exclude the Redundant

While it is important that you need to include the essential elements in your design and exclude the non-essential ones it most often is not the obvious move in most design plans. Focus on your priorities and include only those elements in your design that help to generate the maximum value. Eliminate unnecessary and redundant elements like footer links and sidebar animations that are detrimental to your website health as they help to divert attention as well as traffic.

The best way to identify the important elements that need to remain and those that need to go is to follow the 80-20 rule. This universal principle used in simplifying websites all over the world will help you to focus only on the 20% that help you to deliver 80% of your site’s value. Some of these essential features could be attractive copied, testimonials, product reviews and so on. Try and get more of these in place so that visitors are less inclined to leave your website. More conversions translate to better business which thus enhances the success quotient of your website.

Future of E-commerce Website Design in India

Less the Pages More the Smiles

One of the main objectives of a simple website is to ensure that your visitors get what they want quickly. That is if they have to explore lesser pages, they will rain you with smiles. One way of achieving this is by reducing the number of pages on your website. Lesser number of pages helps to make your website simpler and easier to explore. Be smart and work on your copy and see how best you can design a page with lesser pages.

Eliminate redundant pages and merge multiple pages. Do not maintain additional pages just because other websites do. Get into the mind of your users and understand what they would like to see and how they would like to find it. That should help you to understand how best to structure it in the minimum number of pages.

Put ’em in the ‘Fold’

The fold is the initial area of your website that appears to the viewer without having to scroll. Make sure that all the important sections of your website, namely, the vital content, the call-to-action elements are positioned in the fold so as to enable the users with immediate access. Putting things on the top helps to simplify your website considerably. You can further simplify things by reducing the header height, which can be done easily by playing around with the height value in your style sheet.

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