20Oct 2017

Top Web Design Trends Complementing Each Other

There are numerous examples of things that compliment well each other. Be it certain combination of food items, apparels or even relationships, some things definitely work better with a supporting or complimenting idea.

Web Design falls more or less in the same category, which works best when the right ideas & techniques are used.

  • These techniques or technologies complement each other in shaping up excellent aesthetics with functionalities like designing the site to look awesome while making sure it performs flawlessly in all browsers & devices.
  • Some of the recent trends in web design owe it to these supporting techniques that have made it a popular choice worldwide.

Large Size Background Images & Responsive Design

Sizable background metaphors in the form of images should be complemented by responsive design

The popular quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” holds very much true in case of web designs. If you really want to engage a viewer and get the message across, use images.

Graphics & Images have always been the focal point of work of a designer. The recent trend towards using a huge background image also helps in giving the visitors a better idea of the company, instead of using a color or pattern. However, the advantage of using this large background image is wasted if it can’t scale itself, especially for mobile device users.

This is where responsive design technology comes in to play. Full responsive design perfectly complements this latest web designing trend by making it possible for the designers to scale the images itself to size of a mobile device of a user. This also eliminates the need to design separately for different devices.

Smartphone Optimization Complemented by Single Page Website

Smartphone Friendly one-page, complemented Websites

The number of smart phone users in the world are growing every day & as a result, web traffic from these divides are also increasing at a high rate. According to latest studies by Google, web traffic from smart phones now match that from a desktop, in terms of volume. To accommodate these mobile users, web designers nowadays spend a lot of time & effort to create a solution that would appeal to mobile users as well.

While some designers still tend to argue on the best method to employ to harness this mobile traffic, it is no doubt that single page websites have been becoming quickly popular among mobile users due to the ease of access & user experience it offers.

While serving as the perfect complement to the mobile first concept, single page sites will take clicking out of the equation as users scroll through the page to consume all of the content. Well, it not only results in better user experience, but also eliminates the need to load several pages when mobile data networks are not as fast as it should be.

Great Content Complemented by Typography

Well-organized Content Complemented by Typography

“Content is the king” is not just a phrase in the digital industry anymore. While optimized content has different aspects, many people have a confused notion that just adding more will deliver results. This happened as content creators began optimizing for search engines rather than users & quality soon made way for quantity.

However, as mobile traffic began to dominate, it was understood that adding huge blocks of text one after the other didn’t really serve the purpose. This is when designers thought to optimize the looks & placement of content to get the message across a user. Short, powerful content still needed a lending hand to make it attractive & easily catch a user’s attention.

This is where focusing on Typography helped. With the usage of proper visual elements like typeface, font size and other elements, a designer makes use of his creativity to set the tone and mood of the content. Rather than using excess words, these skills can do wonders in creating an engaging content for the audience. This is why good content & typography works well for everyone.

If you really want more ideas & inspiration on how typography can help you make your message powerful & compelling, head to We Love Typography, which is a great resource for the interested individuals to learn more about various typefaces. But if you are a beginner who wish to work on this, there are many ux designing companies in India alone, that can help you develop your skills and user experience

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