17Nov 2015

Typographic Tools That Works Well

As known, every browser has its own story to recite that makes managing typographic aspects eccentric. This all mesh can lead to certain discrepancies because of the difference in fonts. With specified fonts based on CSS properties, complete control can be accessed leading to kerning, creating drop caps and even smoothing of fonts. Besides this, a lot of problems related to layout come to the forefront and has to be dealt efficiently. The problem with the managing typographic tools is that a level of clarity has to be maintained. Indeed, with the prevalent changes, certain web tools in companion to libraries and frameworks happen to become a life saver. Let’s check out them:

Type Rendering:

The core functionality of type rendering is to identify the browser engine and augments the chances of adding customized classes based on the findings are utilized for applying the specified stylizing rules for type rendering process.

Kerning Js:

Being not able to get accustomed for the usage in web world; but, this framework are improvising with new properties and functionalities for a enabling a better performance. It is a javascript based library that augments better control over kerning and fonts.

Typographic Tools - KerningJS

Dropcap Js:

Though developing a Dropcap is feasible with existing CSS standards, the upshot is not ideal. Still, at times, it is blatantly detrimental. Conceptualized by Adobe Web Platform, Dropcap Js is delegated with the duty to permit web designer for the application of suitable Dropcap Js ideations.

Lining Js:

As a highly integrated javascript based library, it is progressing towards adding a specialized class in every mentioned paragraph of the content. The ideal task is to agree to stylize the line in a separate manner. It imitates the design of apparent classes that have not formed a part of CSS at present also. Designing is essential and it gives a special meaning to the design and helps the people in identifying best looking website on a web platform.

Typographic Tools - LiningJS

Underline Js:

Underlining the text and making it highlighted can be a hard nut to crack; but, with the integrated assistance of Underline Js, the things are becoming easier to perform. Being a framework based on Javascript, it has accentuated the need to make the text identifiable. The importance of highlighted text lies in its underlining that exhibits the emphasis on what has been stated.

Typographic Tools - UnderlineJS

Flow Type:

Positioned to adjust the font size in a website, flow type is a plugin that acts dynamically to beautify the font on specified wrapper width. It empowers the developers to pertain an ultimate number of characters within one line at any screen width. The spacing between the font and their flow in a given context is essential to enhance the overall appeal of the website and make it look appealing.

Hatch Show:

It  increases the size of a font, so that it can fill the whole width of its container. The plugin performs effectively from of the box with the assistance of the algorithm. Explaining completely, it identifies the container width with that of the length of the font character and affix the appropriate size of the font. As the font is clearer, the message will be clear to the users and enable them to relate to the information offered on the website.

Grid Lover:

Considered as an excellent tool in the framework, it is perfect for developing basic styles for the typographic arrangement having simplified easy slide of user interface. This exclusive framework is expert in developing style sheets in SCSS, LESS and Stylus for inclusion in the project and developing technically advanced platform. Every part of the content is ought to have specialized style to let them have a unique touch.

Typographic Tools - GridLover

Type Scale:

Type Scale is a web-based tool framework for empowering a user to help in easily verifying the appropriate font size for the website. The tool offers an easy perceptive GUI to interleave base scale, font size, and font family that was always needed. The outcomes will be identified for allowing the users in playing around with the scale, to have simply the suitable value. As all know that font plays an imperative part in making the message or content appear on the website as effective. This calls for the use of Type Scale.

Modular Scale:

It is a specialzied tool utilized to ideate font scaling along with the body and the heading text. Generally, the output is in Sass that should be in liaison with the similar library. Besides this, some can take help from Javascript also.

FFF Fallback:

It is a practical tool that enables you to find the finest font stack that will mortify benevolently. The tool is available in the form of a book marklet, which will scrutinize the font relations on the website’s page and propose a combination of fonts to use as fallback. This is an ideal framework tool helpful in articulating font for easy content management.

Font Pair:

Google Font is an essentially famous web font library that is being used by hundreds of people, and host over 500 font families. Font Pair is an anthology of matching Google Fonts, where one can locate a variety of combination amongst font families and typefaces without difficulty. Font Pair makes selecting a font join hands with a little less awe-inspiring.

Typographic Tools - FontPairing

Typography and frameworks are essential factors that determine the entire stylizing factor in the website. They are meant to lend a style class, decide over their position and enable them to shine effectively on the website for dispersing clear message. This is the reason that technology is gaining pace in terms of web development and allowing for a better looking website.

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