Jan 19 2015

Why is Typography So Important in Web Design ?

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why is typography so important in web design ?

Just imagine content with very small letters, too close words and lines, cramped without enough space and your reaction.  Even people with normal eyesight cannot stay for reading. Everybody will just get away from that page.  If that is the case, then how can the purpose of the website be achieved? How the conversions will take place and the expected target is reached? This is where typography of the website comes in. It is the duty of the web designer to put maximum effort to satisfy the typographical points in the website he designs.

Reasons for the importance of good Typography

  • Effortless Understanding: Typography must help readers towards effortless understanding. Reading till the end must be easy and effortless so that visitors can concentrate on the content without distraction and easily grasp the message.
  • Increase in Redundancy: After completion of reading, visitors will remember the message for a longer period, if the typography is good. Otherwise, they will remember only their effort or difficulty experienced while going through the content.
  • Affects the mood and sets the emotion: Because typography influences the emotions and mood of the audience, it can be utilized towards reaping maximum benefits to website owners. At least, web designer must take steps to prevent damages caused by bad typography.
  • Increased Conversions: Everything put together leads to better conversions,  which is desired by all.

10 Typography Terms Every Designer Should Know

Tips to select the right font face:

  • Usefulness: While selecting fonts give weightage for the usefulness of the font rather their appearance. Designers are tempted to use pretty fonts, but must restrict their preferences and select only the fonts which help to increase the readability.
  • Complement: Font faces that complement the message will make the visitor to remember the content and not the beauty of the passage.
  • Good pairing: Corresponding and contrasting typefaces, after thoughtful experiments, increase the readability and the overall appearance of the page.

Tips to maintain good typography:

  • Simplicity is the best policy that helps the website. Variety of fonts can be implemented only when the web designer is experienced and sure of his choices.
  • Consider the niche. Selection of typefaces must be done according to the niche. Whether the appearance needs to be formal and friendlier or authoritative and informal.
  • Select a typeface with large counters to ensure legibility and readability.
  • Consider Capitalization. People like to read in small letters especially in online. Hence, avoid capitalizing all letters in a sentence, even if it is a title. In addition, capitalizing the first letters in titles must also be avoided.
  • Maintain Right Length. It has been found out after heavy research that very short lines and very long lines fail miserably in reaching the audience. Constant eye shifting of lines to grasp the meaning irritates the readers consciously or unconsciously. Hence, maintain right line length.
  • Use Optimized Spacing. Spacing between letters, words and lines is also important to save readers from frustration.

Thus good practices in typography are a must for better conversions. To find out the result and the effectiveness of the typography, doing A/B testing is the right way.

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