27Oct 2017

Web Design India : Trends We Would Like To See LESS of in 2014

Design is dynamic. Every changing year introduces new trends and bids goodbye to old ones. Given below are a few design trends that though once lauded have ceased to hold relevance in the changing environment.

Content Sliders

Content Sliders or Carousels which were once considered to be a cool way to attract page visits have recently been identified as conversion killers. It reveals several drawbacks which do not help you in making money. Moreover, the sliding images work on normal human tendency and divert your attention, making it possible for you to miss the vital messages on the page.

Also, the sliding content holders seem to be too fast for their own good. They disappear even before you are able to finish reading the whole message and give you absolutely no control over their navigation.

Browser- Friendly Versions

There was a time when sufficient amount of time and cost was involved in making web pages compatible with every possible browser that inhabits the virtual space. That is no longer required as the idea is not only to work hard, but also to work smart. Therefore, with Google analytics, you can have a complete understanding of which browsers are preferred by your viewers and develop pages only for those specific browsers. This not only saves costs but also provides you with more time to invest in other productive areas.

Scroll Away or Away with Scroll

It is like the eternal dilemma to keep or do away with something like Scrolling that is the inherent behavior of users on Web sites. However, senseless scrolling has revealed to embed the Web pages with tardiness, which is definitely a dampener in the current evolutionary phase of Web site development where quick access to the content is attributed with high priority.

Automated PopUp

The host of popups that have been sliding or gliding into your screens of their own accord will finally be put to a stop. As the floating, flashing and dancing little demons continue to irritate and frustrate viewers they have managed to attract attention, which however is quite negative. The negative attention that you garner from these popping advertisements will never be able to improve your profit margins. Consequently, automatic popups have been deemed as being responsible for throttling your business potential and therefore best done away with.

Off with Sidebars

 The new phase of website design would bid farewell to the broad sidebar band that has no relevance in the rest of your content other than drawing attention away from it can most certainly be done away with. Scrap your old designs and chalk a new layout without the sidebar lurking in the margins. If you happen to be too much in love with the sidebar and cannot bear to part with it, at least plan something innovative like linking it to the main content so that your viewers remain focussed and you are able to retain your old love, the sidebar.

To Sum Up

Your website needs to help you do business. Eliminate irrelevant design trends and adopt new ones to help you achieve this objective.

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