27Oct 2017

Web Design Trends That Will Decline in 2014

It happens many a times that we are sitting in front of our computer screens annoyed with a particular website because the particular site does not answer to your questions as well as queries. There are several of reasons for it and one of the most common is the use of the outdated features on your website. Check out some of the web design trends that will be outdated very soon.

Irrelevant Elements

There are many websites that use different types of irrelevant elements on the website that do not add to the real value to the people. In fact, these elements degrade the experience of the user and ultimately lose his interest in the website. If there is excess of photos as well as icons on the page does not help the visitor in finding some relevance in any case.

Flash Intros

These are extremely very annoying for the visitors as they are too slow and they take so much time to load. In addition to it, they do not even work on the Apple mobile devices and Google too does not recognize them, so it is advised to avoid them in any case.

Auto play Videos

This is actually a very weird way of pushing up the clicks on the video as it does not help at all. In fact the customers do not like such videos that run on auto play and this affects your brand name as well as restricts the visitors to interact with you.

Automated Popups

Even today, there are several websites that are built up with the pop- up windows and some of these are for the email capture, whereas the others are instructional.

Large Hero Images

There are so many websites that feature a hero image at the top of their website, but this is not an intelligent move as this would push the main content down the fold. This is actually a navigational blunder and most of the customers that visit a site appreciate a website that is simple, easy to understand and to the point.


The sidebar is not a very smart move and in real a website does not need it as it can function without it too. You must try that the customers focus on the main content of the website rather than the stuff that is crammed into a 300 pixel on one side of the website. In addition to it, they do not even translate well on the phones, which is again not good news for the effective running of your business.

Hello World Blog Post

In case you are using the WordPress, then you must be sure that you update your website in order to delete the generic “Hello World” post. The user must not feel that your website is an old fashioned one as he might lose the interest then.

Stock Photos

The customers are more interested in the brand that they trust and they wish to learn more about it as well as the people that are working behind it. So they would like a real image in place, instead of representative stock images. It is advised to not to use the Stock photos for your site and, other than this, you could go with the photos of your customers as well as your team.

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