Jul 31 2015

Web Design Trends 2015: The Disappearing Acts & the Keep Coming Backs

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Web design trends 2015 - the disappearing acts and the keep coming backs

Web developers today are adopting new technologies to make websites more informative, interesting and communicative. These newly developed modern websites catch a user’s attention through visually stunning graphics, animations,  videos and more. They take the help of various advanced multimedia tools in order to make these websites more interactive and interesting, unlike the traditional boring […]

Jul 30 2015

Does it Matter if Users Need to Scroll Your Website?

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Does it matter if users need to scroll a website

The main reason behind building a personal or business website is to get more and more visitors to visit your site & provide them information in the most convenient way. Consumers are always seeking for best user experience. A perfect web design & development strategy can help you to leverage the mobile traffic with improved scrolling […]

Jul 29 2015

Web Design: Launching a Business & Building a Brand

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Web Design - Launching a business & building a brand

In this era of new businesses sprouting every now and then, it becomes extremely important to use publicize & market your businesses to become successful. A business life-cycle consists of various phases starting from when it’s off the grounds till it reaches its ultimate goal. What most people don’t realize is that it is not […]

Jul 26 2015

Top Tips for Becoming a Better Designer

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Top Tips for Becoming a Better Designer

Generally, most  website designers are concerned about their skills such as mastery over jQuery or Photoshop. However, becoming a successful web designer requires a powerful grip on design & various tools. Completing a course in web design is only the initial phase in becoming successful web design expert. Despite the fact that you might already have the essential […]

Jul 13 2015

Top Web Development Trends in 2015

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Web development is beyond the skilled application of coding and the ever-growing competitive aesthetic and user interaction styles have marked it a special field. While some old school styles snuck conveniently into the present trends, some futuristic ones aren’t leaving any stone unturned to revolutionize web development trends for the coming years either. Explore the […]

Jul 9 2015

Fine Tuning Creative Approach of Web Design Process

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Fine Tuning Creative Approach of Web Design Process

Creativity is the most important part of the web designing process and ideas forms an integral part of it. The web designers are required to polish their innovative approach by applying varying methods to develop excellent designs for a unique appearance on the web world. Creativity is like blood in the veins that happens to […]

Jul 7 2015

10 Avoidable Visual Content Mistakes With Solutions

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10 avoidable visual content mistakes with solutions

If you were to examine two slides – one with detailed yet plain content and other with high quality attractive imagery with few catchy lines of copy, which one will appeal you the most? Of course, the combination of striking image accompanied by creative content! And this has been on the minds of market strategists […]

Jul 3 2015

10 Website Conversion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Website Conversion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Whether you are an aspiring blogger or budding entrepreneur, you may always be on a look-out on how to convert the random viewers into potential subscribers, customers, and leads. And how do you make that possible? Yes, by streamlining your marketing efforts and concentrating on optimizing the conversion rates for your website. What do you […]