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Jul 152024

Gamification in Mobile Apps: Engaging Users and Driving User Retention

Gamification in mobile apps leverages game dynamics and psychology to boost user engagement and retention.  By incorporating elements such as rewards, quizzes, badges, and leaderboards,

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Jun 252024

The Future of Software Engineering with AI Agents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on course to transform software engineering by upending the practices that engineers use to create, build, and release software solutions. This

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May 092024

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Additionally, the technologic field advances at a high pace resulting in growing demand for qualified individuals covering a versatile range of areas. Not any other

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Apr 302024

Search Google or Type a URL: Which is Better ?

The internet has revolutionized how we access information. With billions of webpages online, search engines like Google make it possible to instantly find what you

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Feb 282024

Go vs. Java: Which One to Pick for Web Development

For any web development project, selecting the appropriate programming language lays the foundation for how efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively a project can be built.  Two

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Feb 232024

The Evolution of Software Licensing Models

The evolution of software licensing models over recent decades tells the story of an industry continually adapting to meet new demands.  What began as simple

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Feb 212024

Innovative Web Design Trends for 2024

Web design isn’t just about making things look good anymore. It’s about creating experiences that connect, grab attention, and inspire. With new tech always popping

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The Role of APIs in Modern Web Development
Dec 232023

The Role of APIs in Modern Web Development

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the connective tissue enabling the complex ecosystems of applications and services that define modern web development.  By facilitating communication between

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best time to post on instagram
Dec 122023

Best Time to post on Instagram

It is without doubt that there is no better platform when it comes to posting on Instagram, and as far as social media is being

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What’s new

Brand new website for Anchor By Panasonic, fully designed and developed by team Acodez, is now live.

Working on a brand new website for Axis Bank Forex - right from Information Architecture & UX, UI and Development.

Working on a brand new website for Titan Sonata. Stay tuned to see it in action!

Signed contract with Panasonic Lighting as their digital marketing agency

Brand new website for CavinKare, fully designed and developed by team Acodez, is now live.

Signed Contract for a 5000+hours Web application for an investor firm in Saudi Arabia

Working on the Logo and Brand Identity for Remit Money (by Axis Bank)

Signed contract for managing the Social Media accounts of Anchor Electricals

Working on new E-commerce Portal for Cover Story - by Future Group. Stay Tuned!

Launched new website for Panasonic Powertools

Just Inaugurated - our 4th office in India at UL CyberPark SEZ, Calicut

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Acodez handled my website's design and they did a tremendous job with this.

Simo Bennis
Seduction Naturelle PNL, France

I will definitely recommend Acodez to such clients who're looking for quality.

MPM Munawar
Chairman & MD, Exotel Holidays P Ltd, India

I'm speechless!! It's brilliant! Thank you for the great job

Ade Okusanya
Director, Hermes Global Capital LLC, UK

Acodez team delivered everything I wanted. Big Thanks!

Klaudyna Hebda
Food Blogger, Poland