Promotion of movie Tubelight by panasonic,
a spontaneous hike in audience engagement


We will take you through their struggles and how we helped them achieve their goals.

The latest Bollywood movie – Salman starrer “Tubelight” was sponsored by Anchor. Since, Anchor had undertaken the movie’s sponsorship, they wanted to promote branding campaigns at affordable prices.

Enter Acodez –

The movie received negative reviews, which made it essential that we start our campaign promotions instantly. We were faced with a drastic challenge of reaching out to the maximum number of people along with low budget constraints in a month’s time.

There were copyright issues on images, so we were to be careful while choosing images for promotions. So, along with the constraints imposed on resources, such as time and budget, we faced a new constraint and that was shortage of images.


  • They wanted the promotion campaign to roll out with immediate affect reaching out to a bulk audience.
  • Their aim was to focus on organic engagement rather than implementing non-organic methodologies, which do not last.
  • They emphasized the need for brand visibility and engagement within the constraints of time and budget.

A lot of brainstorming happened before we could devise a perfect strategy to accomplish the aforementioned goals.

What we needed were not assumptions but actual action plans.

anchor posekarowinkaro campaign panasonic casestudy


Our strategies were split into three main phases. We planned three events each scheduled at a different period of the month:

  • The first strategy was devised to happen in the first week of the movie’s release.
  • The second was scheduled for the second week when the movie was in its blackout stage.
  • The third was scheduled for the third and fourth week combined, when there will be no more discussions around the movie.

Planning our digital strategy:

  • Client recommended Facebook for all promotion and campaign activities. So, we had no other option but to opt Facebook.
  • After a lot of brainstorming and researches, we finally devised some excellent campaign ideas along with hashtags.

Campaign planning:

We planned three campaigns that would happen in the first, second, and third and fourth weeks of the month, respectively.

So, here is a full excerpt of the campaigns that were organized across the different weeks of the action-plan month.

It was a three-stage process-

The first week:

The first week’s campaign comprised of a contest wherein the contestants were suggested to upload a photo in the comments section. But, the photo should be a popular pose of Salman Khan, symbolizing the word “Yakeen” from the movie Tubelight.

The comment that drives the maximum engagement – likes and/or shares – will be declared the winner.

The second week:

The second week’s task was also quite similar to the first week with a difference that the photo should resemble Salman Khan’s pose in the poster of the movie Tubelight. The entry with the maximum likes and/ or shares will be chosen winner.

The third and fourth week:

This involved the contestants clicking selfies with their favorite Panasonic products and uploading these in the comments section. Also, the contestants were expected to tag five of their friends and challenge them. The entries with the maximum number of likes and/ or shares will be chosen winner.

*Terms and conditions apply
(*- The entries are valid only for contestants who have liked the Panasonic’s Anchor Facebook page)

The First Week:

anchor posekarowinkaro week1 panasonic casestudy

The Second Week:

anchor posekarowinkaro week2 panasonic casestudy

The Third Week:

anchor posekarowinkaro week3 panasonic casestudy

The execution

  • Well-defined strategy

    We had constraints in the form of budget and time. So, as we neared the deadline, we went about reposting the same events and seeking comments on the same. Here, our vision was to get the contestants’ comment and tag five more of their friends (chain reaction).

  • Scheduling contest for engagement

    For creating engagement, we decided to create a video. The views that the video will receive was of utmost priority.The video was created with a focus on a specific audience* category, to which the campaign was directed to.

    (*This custom audience criterion comprised of Salman Khan Fans.)

  • Creating creatives

    All this promotions were backed with some interesting creatives, which included Gif, Video, 360, and other regular creatives.

    Audience engagement was planned for maximum reach within resource constraints as laid over by client

    • We managed to get images and creatives to the comment section, where most of the engagement happens
    • Requesting contestants to tag more friends
    • Brand visibility campaigns were scheduled during the third and fourth weeks.
panasonic posekaro case study


The results were exciting and impressive.

Here is an overview of Anchor’s Facebook page activity driven by the campaign promotions as strategized by Acodez.

As you can observe there is an unbelievable surge in the post engagement, which sums up to 77,345 and this is not at all a small number.

When we kicked off with the campaign, we were quite unsure about the results, but this kind of an engagement boosted our confidence and helped us deliver the best.

After reviewing the results, from 1 July 2017 to 31 July 2017, there has been a spontaneous hike in the audience engagement that includes – reach, reactions, clicks, shares and comments.

Total audience engagements increased by 253.4%, which is indeed a benchmark accomplishment.

Video engagement:

If you observe the stats of video engagement, you will find that the video has managed to rule out a total view of around 239K, which was unbelievable and crossed Anchor’s expectations of customer reach, making them trust us more.

Anchor was very happy with the results that we strived to achieve for them within the constraints of budget, time and other resources. So, they decided to hand over their social media-related tasks to Acodez IT Solutions for they have experienced the strength in our capabilities for driving customer engagement, within the constraints of limited resources.

We can help your business to achieve results just like these.

Start your campaign today.

Write to us about your requirements or talk to us and find out what we can do for you.

Overall Performence

anchor posekarowinkaro campaign report panasonic case study

Video Engagement:

anchor posekarowinkaro video report panasonic case study


Results will be clearly seen within 5-6 months. Organic traffic cannot be attained within a night time as it is ongoing and requires time.

We can guarantee quite good results for your growth and we believe it is a team work of yours and ours.

Our team has experience working in a tech savvy atmosphere where we focus on increasing the clients from the bottom line. And this makes us the extraordinary agency.

We look at traffic and conversions. We pay attention to keyword rankings, yet not too much on that.

What’s new

Brand new website for Anchor By Panasonic, fully designed and developed by team Acodez, is now live.

Working on a brand new website for Axis Bank Forex - right from Information Architecture & UX, UI and Development.

Working on a brand new website for Titan Sonata. Stay tuned to see it in action!

Signed contract with Panasonic Lighting as their digital marketing agency

Brand new website for CavinKare, fully designed and developed by team Acodez, is now live.

Signed Contract for a 5000+hours Web application for an investor firm in Saudi Arabia

Working on the Logo and Brand Identity for Remit Money (by Axis Bank)

Signed contract for managing the Social Media accounts of Anchor Electricals

Working on new E-commerce Portal for Cover Story - by Future Group. Stay Tuned!

Launched new website for Panasonic Powertools

Just Inaugurated - our 4th office in India at UL CyberPark SEZ, Calicut

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