Jun 21 2017

How Information Architecture (IA) is Beneficial in Offering a Better User Experience (UX) Design

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Information Architecture, according to Wikipedia, is nothing but “the art and science of organizing and labeling websites to support usability” whereas “the way a person feels about using a system, product or service is known as User experience that includes a person’s capability of perceiving practical aspects like utility, efficiency and easiness in using that […]

Jun 19 2017

UX designer tips for designing an awesome landing page

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Ux designer tips for landing page

Gone are the days of static websites and even the rest like the carousels, and the ones with hamburger menus. Though, all these seemed to impress and weave magic in the minds of people in the early days of web or maybe until a decade or so back, it was not until recently that people […]

Jun 16 2017

How Big Data Can Help the Commercial Real Estate Space

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Big Data can help commercial real estate space

Take any service industry today – and they will talk about big data and big analytics; real estate is no different. Big Data is transforming trends in this sector like never before; the major reason for this is that the market forces in commercial real estate are impacted to a huge extent, by consumer behavior. […]

Jun 14 2017

Top 20 E-Commerce Blogs for the Deep Understanding of the Marketing Campaign 

Posted on June 14, 2017 | by Jamsheer K | in Web Development Tips &Tools | 2 Comments

top 20 ecommerce blogs

E-Commerce is reputed leading online industry, which attracts large number of revenue in the digital marketing world. E-Commerce industry experts anticipate that worldwide E-Commerce sales will reach $1.915 Trillion in 2016 alone. Ensure that your E-Commerce business is getting the vast credibility in your business. This will analyze your business by integrating all your digital […]

Jun 12 2017

User Experience (UX) Vs. Customer Experience (CX): What’s The Difference

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User experience vs customer experience

Though the two terms are similar, user experience and customer experience are not the same. User experience is not the same as customer experience. Customer experience is the larger context, with UX being a part of it. CX signifies each step of the buyer’s journey: from the time they start comparing prices, to the actual […]

Jun 3 2017

Cognitive Psychology for UX

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Can you pay attention to everything in your environment? No, it is impossible. Even though we have access to millions of TV shows, movies and new videos, we are not able to see everything as we have to spend more than 15 hours in a day. Keeping this in mind It is been said that […]

Jun 1 2017

27 Top Free Stock Image Sites for Web Designers

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Best Free Stock Images Sites for Web Designers

In the year 2017 a site looks empty without an image! If you agree with me then, let me help you to find some great and trending images! Images act as a welcome refresher. Used with textual content they usually help to considerably enhance the reading experience. However acquiring the appropriate image without infringing any […]