How we got 746% conversion growth in 2 months


Every successful organization will have their own story of challenges faced for hitting the heights of victory. Similarly, Asten Realtors, one of the top realtors in Cochin had to face many challenges and here is how we could help them overcome in a better way within no time.

Asten Realtors has always met the requirements of customers for their dream homes. The new mind blowing projects at best localities are the main focus of Asten. It is then they came to us with their issues to increase number of quality leads and to reduce cost of conversion. They also had several technical issues that obstructed them to gain the success they dreamed of. Poor ads performance with low CTR, high CPC, unrelated clicks and landing page issue were the main ones they put forth in front of us.

It was quite a challenging task for us to undertake their needs. Still, we came up with the best solution to meet all their requirements within the prescribed time and with utmost quality./p>

Regardless of the complexity of the task we perform, we always create a well-planned strategy to bring the best possible outcomes.

In this case too, we divided their requirements into three challenging tasks after lots of tested plans

Challenge 1

  • Restructuring the campaigns

    Asten were running campaigns right from 2012. So to restructure the campaign structure and design was a huge task based on the old data.

Challenge 2

  • Landing page

    Landing page is the first page any visitor view for the first time. For any visitor who doesn’t know about the service provider could easily analyze the quality of services from the landing page itself. To make it clear for every viewer, our challenge was to cover their 4 live projects that included both budget and luxury apartments in the landing page publishing and to strengthen the hosting support. The issues with landing page were lack of proper designs, hosting issues, mail delivery issues, site speed issue and conversion tracking.

Challenge 3

  • Deliver results

    To deliver the exact results they need, we focused to increase number of quality leads and to reduce the cost of conversion.

astencha  asten


Aiming on the goals to improve leads, we have planned for Adwords campaign and social media campaign

We restructured the whole campaign to an ordered way to grab attention of customers with relevant ads and then direct them to a landing page with detailed information. We have divided the campaigns based on locations like India, Rest of the world (ROW), Middle East and Kerala.

  • The campaign was divided into desktop and mobile in India. This was done to optimize the campaign which has highest viewers. We did this within a short span of time.
  • We targeted Malayalee communities in the ROW category
  • Mobile campaign was then optimized after seeing the results
  • The campaign in Kerala has invalid clicks so we used ad scheduling
  • From the valid clicks we received, remarketing was done with different type of creatives like Image, Video, Gif etc to convert them as a customer.

For social media campaign, we choose Facebook as it is the best platform to drive good leads. This was the first time Asten has done Facebook Ads.

  • Facebook Ads were created for four projects.
  • Based on the locations like India, Middle East, North America and Europe, we created custom audience
  • Remarketing audiences and look like audiences were also created
  • Video Ads, Carousal Ads and Lead Ads were used as products.

The execution

Following a proper plan of campaign, we optimized mobile campaign and created single landing page that included all projects

  • 3 separate landing pages were then created for single projects like Viveria, Campus Court and Nautica
  • A 30 seconds popup were created to submit an enquiry
  • A map was then designed to locate the projects.
asten execution landing page


With proper planning and execution, the results were increased by 746% leads growth when compared to last sales.

  • The previous conversion rate search was 0.84% and now it has been increased to 4.83%
  • The new CTR-search is 7.09% when compared to previous rate of 0.42%
  • Cost of conversion drastically reduced to Rs 1009 where it was Rs 10,793 earlier.
  • Facebook campaign resulted in an increase of 1386 leads in just two months

The results were very impressive and Asten Realtors are quite satisfied with our smart work as their leads increased within scheduled time and budget.

Thus they have decided continue the work with us and we are confident enough to drive more sales within the constraints of limited resources.

Do you wish to achieve results like this?

Contact us and we will make everything possible.


Results will be clearly seen within 5-6 months. Organic traffic cannot be attained within a night time as it is ongoing and requires time.

We can guarantee quite good results for your growth and we believe it is a team work of yours and ours.

Our team has experience working in a tech savvy atmosphere where we focus on increasing the clients from the bottom line. And this makes us the extraordinary agency.

We look at traffic and conversions. We pay attention to keyword rankings, yet not too much on that.

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