The way we made quality conversions within the budget



It’s not about the number of challenges, but it is how we could overcome those challenges successfully.

Let us make clear about the struggles they had and how our timely support could help them overcome the situation.

Hilite Builders is one of the fast growing and one among the top realtors in Calicut to make your dream come true through new projects in the best localities. But then, they couldn’t find maximum ROI through Adwords or any campaigns. Since then, they approached us to increase quality leads and to reduce cost of conversion. They also had poor ads performance with low CTR, high CPC and various unrelated clicks. Since the website was hosted by other company, some issues were there for landing page too.



As the first step to fix the issues, we prepared a detailed record of issues. Later, a well structured plan was then documented. It was not just statements, but we took sincere efforts for the action plan.

Our plan included division of three challenges.

  • Campaign restructuring:

    The first challenge was to restructure the whole campaign process. As Hilite has been running ads since 2014, it was quite difficult to edit and restructure the designing process.

  • Landing page:

    The next challenge was to design a perfect landing page with proper designs by fixing hosting issues, mail delivery issues, site speed issue and conversion tracking.

    There were 2 live projects for Hilite. So we planned one landing page with both the project.

  • Deliver results:

    Of course, to deliver results were one of our challenges. Because the number of leads were very less when they approached us. So we took it as a challenge to increase number of quality leads and to reduce cost of conversion.

    Various brainstorming session were conducted before we could shape a perfect plan to accomplish company goals.

The execution

To attain the desired results we have performed Adwords campaign , SEO campaign and social media campaign.

Adwords campaign

  • As a solution for campaign restructuring we aimed at designing more logically and result oriented.
  • Based on some locations like India, Rest of the World (ROW), Middle East and Kerala, we have categorized into desktop and mobile campaigns. This was done in order to optimize the best one based on the results. Thus the Adword campaign was conducted on devices and we could optimize Mobile campaign as it was gaining more results.
  • For the rest of world we targeted Malayalee communities as well and optimized the same. From Kerala we got more invalid results from desktop. This was fixed by using ad scheduling.
  • From those valid clicks, we have done remarketing using different creative types like videos, GIFs, images etc.
  • For paid campaigns, landing page is quite important as it can convert viewers to potential clients.
  • To fix a permanent solution they encountered for landing page with proper landing page and conversion tracking, we have created one landing page for all projects including budget and luxury apartments.
  • 3 different landing pages were created for single projects
  • A subdomain was created as there were hosting issues since hosting was done by other company till then
  • A pop up after 30sec were created for an easy submission of enquiry just filling the basic details to follow up interested clients.
  • For an easy understanding of location of projects, we have created a map with exact landmark and routes.

SEO campaign

Following Adwords campaign, we performed SEO campaigns too by targeting keywords which got conversion in Adwords campaign. To generate leads and to reduce cost of adwords, we ranked those keywords on top. Our content marketing strategy helped us to build audience for remarketing.

Social media campaign

First time ever in Hilite ads, Facebook ads made their position as one of the campaigns to drive good leads.

  • Custom audience based on the locations like India and Middle East was created. We targeted Malayalees who valued high-good stuffs and interested in real estate and investment.
  • With the base of existing customers, we created remarketing audience who visited the website and those who are engaged with Facebook page and ads
  • Lookalike audience was also targeted with Facebook page and existing customers.

Adwords campaign:

hilite execution

Social media campaign:

hilite mall social media


  • From the Adwords campaign we were quite excited to view the results that pointed a 50.7% drop in cost per conversion. The previous rate before approaching was 306 leads and cost was 7,02,649 and now the leads has increased to 346 with cost of just 3,00,000.

You can see and compare the earlier and current results of conversion rate-search, CTR search and cost/conversion) from the tabular column.

  • From the Facebook campaign, we could show 817 leads in just three months of time
  • From SEO campaigns using 7 keywords show in the image, leads were increased by reducing the cost of adwords.

Reviewing the past and current results, there is a sudden increase in the audience engagement that includes – reach, clicks, shares and comments.

Hilite builders was very happy with the results we gave within prescribed budget and time without compromising the quality. They have decided to continue with us in future too.

You can also achieve the desired results like this.

Inform us about your requirements and we will find a unique solution for you.


Results will be clearly seen within 5-6 months. Organic traffic cannot be attained within a night time as it is ongoing and requires time.

We can guarantee quite good results for your growth and we believe it is a team work of yours and ours.

Our team has experience working in a tech savvy atmosphere where we focus on increasing the clients from the bottom line. And this makes us the extraordinary agency.

We look at traffic and conversions. We pay attention to keyword rankings, yet not too much on that.

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