Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular, nonsurgical options for solving aging skin problems. Also known as "injectables" or "soft-tissue fillers," do just what their name suggests -- they fill in the area under the skin to smooth the appearance of deep folds or creases in the following ways:

  • Filling in wrinkles, fine lines and deep creases
  • Filling out thin or wrinkled lips
  • Plumping up cheeks
  • Contouring some areas or imperfections of the face

One of the main components of filler injections is Hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in our bodies and almost half of it is present in collagen in the skin helping moisturize the skin. It’s fair to say that Hyaluronic acid and collagen combined are the “fountain of youth” when it comes to skin aesthetics.

The most common area for the use of Dermal Fillers is the nasolabial fold commonly known as “smile line” or “laugh line” but we can also use to smooth down the folds around the chin area and also tear trough around the eye. Injectable fillers are also a popular treatment for restoring lost volume in the cheeks. The ageing process causes the underlying tissues that keep skin firm and youthful to breakdown.

Nasolabial fold


Cheek enhancement


Lip plumping with Dermal Fillers


One of the most desired areas of the face for dermal fillers are the lips because of the instant and dramatic results if offers. With Fillers we can accentuate and augment the lips, as well as fill fine lines and wrinkles; they can produce an overall younger appearance. The procedure works by replenishing the lost volume in and around the lips.

Our difference

Apart from only using products from the most trusted and scientifically researched companies, one of our main advantages over other clinics is that we have experience with local anesthetics around the mouth so we can make this procedure as confortable as possible to everyone. Also, combined with cosmetic dentistry we can deliver a complete solution for the mouth for dramatic results.