Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is a condition characterized by an excessive display of the gum when we smile. It can interfere quite strongly with the overall aesthetics of the smile as too much attention is drawn to the gums rather than the teeth when people look at you.


There are surgical options to treat this condition via removal of excess gums, which does result in permanent changes in the smile. However, muscle relaxant injections are a great way to get this condition treated with minimal intervention. A small amount of the substance is applied to the muscles that cause the excessive elevation of the lips and they are virtually pain-free and inexpensive. It’s important to understand however that it’s not a permanent solution although subsequent injections tend to become more spaced out, as the muscles tend to go into atrophy.

If you’ve suffered from this aesthetic condition call us today and find out more about this simple procedure that can make a world of difference to you.