Social Media Marketing

We will help you take advantage of Social Media platforms and reach your audiences like never before. We possess a great deal of expertise in social media networking and ads on social media channels and we help you leverage this by engaging your audience on social media which is the most effective business marketing process over the web.

Social Media Optimization:

Social media has influenced enormous waves as a medium of communication and has risen as the best arena that has impacted different audience from varied backgrounds and culture. Our strategies for social media trigger your intended interest group and not simply mess the space with insufficient contents. Our entire team has been consistently endeavoring to mark an impression and to become a native on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

We aren't simply promoting our brands on these platforms; we are narrating their story and building a potential community. We furnish your brand with new content and social media methodologies that work 24/7 with the advanced trends.

Our process

The most integral part of any brands’ success in social media is to understand the audience. To gather information, usage and sharing the content right from the journey of B2B to B2C, identification to conversion may take weeks to months.

At Acodez, we focus a combination of search marketing, traditional marketing and social media marketing for your ultimate brand success with enhanced direct website traffic, top ranks on search engines and brand buzz.

Why Us?

Do you have strong goals to be implemented in your business? We have bigger unique plans to reach out to every user across various digital mediums. We enable you to build up an online marketing technique that makes simple to identify, from joining your brand community to purchasing your products and to refer the brand to social networks and peers. We follow Social media networking with a jab and hooks technique where good quality contents jabs customers and then hooks by call to action.

We make sure to:

  • Target the accurate audience
  • Instant customer feedback reception
  • Generates leads
  • Increase site traffic and improved rankings
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Find new clients and extend your group of audience

We serve:

  • Business Services
  • Education Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Healthcare services
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Services
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Leisure

Stage 1: Exploring and Listening

It is all about our understanding your brand as it is unique. We try to gather more information about your business, competitors, customers and industry to bring every possible success that drive growth. Thus we invest our learning time in discovery process, analytics audit, industry landscaping, technical website audit, competitive research.

To follow traditional marketing methods like study groups or surveys may take extended periods to plan and implement. But with social media these can be done within minutes or hours. This makes it conceivable to utilize market research to take after progressively particular aspects of your advertising endeavors and it helps to keep your brand ahead of curve.

smo exploring and listening

TEven though social media marketing can engage audience, it is not a magic that can be happened. Instead, social media marketing campaigns are the outcomes of effective and consistent business analysis and social media metrics analysis. We know to us the exact metrics to make perfect adjustments for a successful brand.

smo exploring and listening

We are well aware that the ability to compare and measure the results must be a success deciding step and failure to do so will definitely downfall all the sincere efforts. A quick analysis of brand and thereby best direction of future social media marketing efforts will be the best parts in competitive review.

smo exploring and listening

We conduct social media audits to review what’s happening, what’s failing and what is to be improved across social media channels. Social media audits will be done monthly or quarterly as per your requirements and we make you stay on top of online presence.

smo exploring and listening

Using advanced tools, we actively monitor and track social media channels for blogs, news sites, Twitter, video and photo sharing websites, social networking sites, message boards and forums to grab useful information and to use in your website to drive more traffic. It also determines online conversion about a particular or a title.

smo exploring and listening

Stage 2: Developing and Integrating

It is all about our understanding your brand as it is unique. We try to gather more information about your business, competitors, customers and industry to bring every possible success that drive growth. Thus we invest our planning time in keyword opportunity mapping, audience persona creation, competitive links audit, link opportunity mapping, topical research for content, link calendar creation and content calendar development.

We shape your concepts with the best and creative ads at smooth clearance process. Plan your ideas and we provide a fresh perspective to work within BCAP code. Now save your time, effort and money as we recognize potential clearance issues and have claims assessed prior to the finalization of ad script.

smo developing and integrating

Acodez being a flourishing company knows website is a significant internet marketing tool and thus offer services according to client requirements. We provide cost effective web development solutions with utmost client satisfaction. Our services are quite superior to mark a global identity in the web development solutions.

smo developing and integrating

The ever changing challenges in a business require technology solutions that are scalable and adaptive as your organization grows. We ensure to deliver custom application development that can offer the maximum ROI and business automation to your investments.

smo developing and integrating

APIs are the true partner for E-business organizations as it is a simple and faster platform to process transactions. For your current and future websites, we have a team of specialists who can integrate API and resist repetitions in your current application.

smo developing and integrating

Now generate new visitors and customers by sharing contents with customer contacts easily. Our experts offer a clear cut idea on where and how to start building social media presence. Based on your business goals and target audience we develop a particular strategy. In order to make a continuous communication, we also put content for your social media sites.

smo developing and integrating

We provide social media training services to make you aware how content can generate leads. Social media training by our specialists will definitely help to build brand awareness, develop an effective business strategy, maximize ROI by generating leads and aim marketing activity.

smo developing and integrating

Stage 3: Planning

It is all about our understanding your brand as it is unique. We try to gather more information about your business, competitors, customers and industry to bring every possible success that drive growth. Thus we invest our adjustment time in executing technical updates, implementing analytics updates, launching content marketing campaign, creating personas for outreach.

Acodez provides search engine optimized, high quality and shareable content for enhanced website traffic and that converts prospects into customers. We offer relevant, leveragable and profitable content strategy services on timely basis. We make you to be the best publisher you need to be!

smo planning

We provide verbal identity for your organization with a distinctive tone, execution and manner as a complete linguistic identity of a business. Brand voice development service has a set of tools secured by a positioning statement that provides organization’s strategic business path added by its unique benefits.

smo planning

At Acodez we recognize your potential customers by developing buyer personas. In order not to chase wrong customers, we also make aware of negative personas thereby saving money without chasing them. Our immersive procedure ensures to go beyond demographics and to make understand the prospective clients how they can communicate with and to convert them to long lasting clients.

smo planning

We have a combined expertise in innovative marketing, campaign management, and strategy development to consider every challenge and transform it into opportunities for the best results. We identify potential audience, invest in messaging, responds and build ongoing relationships with your customers

smo planning

Do you want to maintain a transparent production and supply chains, reduce costs and get accurate products to market quicker? Hold on to our resource planning solutions as we offer the most accurate software which is ever accessible on the market or delivered as SaaS solution

smo planning

Stage 4: Engaging and Analyzing

It is all about our understanding your brand as it is unique. We try to gather more information about your business, competitors, customers and industry to bring every possible success that drive growth. Thus we invest our growth time in organic content creation, skyscraper content outreach, ongoing link outreach, link building campaigns, reporting, analysis, consulting.

With our campaign management services, our customers enjoy timely delivery of coordinated messages and value added services to customers and future customers. The software monitors communication with the customers, manages and spreads those messages across multiple communication points like call centers, direct mail, customer service feedback and reports, interactive web etc.

smo engaging and analysing

You are important to us and so your reputation too. We dive deeply into the world of search results, social media and beyond your imagination. Along with pushing negative feedbacks and converting to positive ones in search results, we help you grow and maintain your digital reputation.

smo engaging and analysing

We have a team of paid media experts who deliver superiorly targeted, customized campaigns for cross-platforms and cross-device exposure at every stage of your brand of customers’ buying process. Right from generating leads to e-commerce, brand identity and engagement to event campaigns, our processes are performance driven, completely transparent and your success oriented.

smo engaging and analysing

Our tracking and measurement services assess customers to monitor the efficiency of their efforts and communication programs. With the world-class services across the globe, we track multi-source news about competitors, business and any interested event. We have clear-cut methodologies to provide insights, in-depth knowledge and analyses to positive build client marketing and communication program that lead to better ROI.

smo engaging and analysing

Great expertise and technical ability is required for building a campaign. We create each website to make sure it has targeted traffic. With the maximum information provided, we update the website for every change in products and services. To make the changes visible, we add new keywords to reach heights of business success.

smo engaging and analysing


Results will be clearly seen within 5-6 months. Organic traffic cannot be attained within a night time as it is ongoing and requires time.

We can guarantee quite good results for your growth and we believe it is a team work of yours and ours.

Our team has experience working in a tech savvy atmosphere where we focus on increasing the clients from the bottom line. And this makes us the extraordinary agency.

We look at traffic and conversions. We pay attention to keyword rankings, yet not too much on that.

What’s new

Brand new website for Anchor By Panasonic, fully designed and developed by team Acodez, is now live.

Working on a brand new website for Axis Bank Forex - right from Information Architecture & UX, UI and Development.

Working on a brand new website for Titan Sonata. Stay tuned to see it in action!

Signed contract with Panasonic Lighting as their digital marketing agency

Brand new website for CavinKare, fully designed and developed by team Acodez, is now live.

Signed Contract for a 5000+hours Web application for an investor firm in Saudi Arabia

Working on the Logo and Brand Identity for Remit Money (by Axis Bank)

Signed contract for managing the Social Media accounts of Anchor Electricals

Working on new E-commerce Portal for Cover Story - by Future Group. Stay Tuned!

Launched new website for Panasonic Powertools

Just Inaugurated - our 4th office in India at UL CyberPark SEZ, Calicut

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Acodez handled my website's design and they did a tremendous job with this.

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I'm speechless!! It's brilliant! Thank you for the great job

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Acodez team delivered everything I wanted. Big Thanks!

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