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We are proficient and known as Flutter app development company in India for its feature-rich and compelling design along with high flexibility and scalability which enables our customers to seize the leading share in the market. Using Flutter we help our valuable clients in building dynamic feature-loaded apps that ensure top performance in mobile, desktop, and web using a single codebase.

We build world-class, award-winning apps.

Acodez is a multiple international award-winning tech company in India since 2011 with 6 offices across India, 100+ team members, 1000+ completed projects, and 16 awards to its credit.

365 Pilots

Native Android and iOS app for a leading Pilot Car company in the USA.

e Learning

Android app in Flutter for an Educational Group in India.

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We are a dedicated and experienced company backed up by multiple awards and recognition


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Why Choose Flutter App for Development?

Flutter is a perfect tool since it is an open-source web and mobile app SDK that works well on both iOS and Android platforms.

Cross Platform Development

Flutter builds comprehensive apps for multiple platforms using a single code base. This helps in saving time and cost while also simplifying updates and maintenance.

Fast Performance

With efficient use of Dart language, hot reload, widget architecture, GPU acceleration, and AOT compilation, Flutter offers fast performance and a smooth experience.

Customizable UI

Flutter allows customizable UI development using widget architecture which enables to create beautiful, platform-agnostic designs that can be easily tailored for specific needs.

Access To Native APIs

Flutter offers access to native APIs using platform channels. This allows the developers to integrate device-specific features and functionality into their apps.

Technology Stack

We acquire a team of skillful and experienced Flutter app developers who help you to build feature-rich, scalable mobile apps depending on your business requirements. Besides, we value our client’s needs and to meet their highest expectation we thoughtfully choose the technologies depending on the project.



Our team of specialists helps in developing robust and high-performing Flutter apps which ensures smooth running on both Android and iOS operating systems. With Flutter app development, you can reduce the TTM and meet a wider target audience and the Hot reload feature in Flutter helps to fix bugs faster.

React Native

With our professionals' incredible years of expertise in React Native development services, they help you to create cross-platform applications which are user-friendly, feature-rich, scalable, and intuitive. They will also help you to transform your dream view into practical solutions and expedite your business growth.


Our teams of proficients offer comprehensive Ionic-based mobile application development services. With their extensive expertise and deeper insight into the Ionic framework, they help to develop multi-platform Flutter apps that ensure high performance and smooth user experience using HTML, CSS & JavaScript technologies.


We use mobile-centric open-source development frameworks like Phone Gap in coming up with Flutter apps that ensure top performance in Ios, Android, and other operating systems. Our experts with extensive knowledge of the framework will help you to enhance the look and the usability of your mobile application with effective solutions.

Cross platform

Flutter apps make users happy with their exemplary user experience. Moreover, our comprehensive client support and app maintenance yield more customer satisfaction and a better.


React Native













See our Process

Flutter app development is gaining more popularity with its fresh approach. We help companies to develop high-quality top-notch cross-platform Flutter apps by following the 7 processes.

Filtering the Idea

The primary stage is to filter the ideas into an application base to present practical solutions. This includes traits like goals, demographics, behavior patterns, etc.


The wireframing stage helps to grab a great insight into the visual of the app which further ascertains whether the application concept is technically feasible or not.


The designing phase is where our UX designers will design elements interactions whilst our UI designers build the app’s persona based on the user’s leading preference.


The development stage deals with creating a working prototype to confirm the functionality. This involves steps for better progress and improvements.

Quality Analysis

Quality testing is the most critical stage as it deals with the quality analysis of performance, security, compatibility, stress, usability, and fixing the bugs if any.

Beta Release

The beta release helps the customers in trying out the app even before the formal launch. It helps in detecting bugs and enhances product quality based on feedback.


Once the required improvements are done, the final stage in Flutter app development is to launch the app based on the policies of the application launch.

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We are an international award-winning IT company with 6 offices across India, and offers web design, web development and digital marketing services.

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Thank you very much for delivering top-class corporate web and mobile solutions for us. I deeply appreciate your efforts and guidance, without which, this wouldn't have been possible.

Hiroyasu Tsuchiya

Corporate Branding Division, Panasonic Life Solutions, India

I was really convinced with the previous works they've done and hence I contacted them, even though I'm from Paris and they're in India...And I really liked the work they've done for me too... I strongly recommend Acodez to anyone who's looking for quality stuffs.

Simo Bennis

Seduction Naturelle PNL, France

Frequently asked questions

What are the main benefits of using Flutter in mobile app development?

The advantages or benefits of using Flutter in mobile app development are many which is why Flutter is gaining more popularity in the market. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Faster and dynamic mobile app development.
  • Easier to customize the existing widgets.
  • Develop applications in multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Faster quality assurance process and less testing time.
  • Reduces cost and development time.
  • Supports internalization and accessibility.
  • Faster TTM with the quicker release of the app.
  • Smooth development process and cross-platform consistency.

Is it expensive to develop an app using Flutter?

The cost of the project is simply based on the complexity and nature of the project. The cost is determined after considering factors such as features, integration, design, maintenance, support, and many more.

Having said that the cost of developing an app using Flutter is comparatively less as it requires less maintenance. We offer cost-effective packages for you in coming up with a top-performing Flutter app.

What types of apps can be built using Flutter?

Flutter app development company help in creating apps that run on multiple platforms using a single codebase. It made it possible to develop apps on multiple platforms like OS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web, Google’s Fuschia, and Linux.

A lot of prominent brands are using Flutter to create feature-rich apps. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Google Ads
  • eBay Motors
  • Reflectly
  • SpaceX Go
  • MyBMW
  • Xianyu App
  • Hamilton Musical

How does Flutter compare to other app development platforms?

Flutter is unique in offering a single codebase for developing applications across multiple platforms. While many android app development companies and iPhone App Development Company India focus on native development for individual platforms, a hybrid App development company in India like ours uses Flutter to provide a seamless experience across both Android and iOS without the need for separate codebases.

Why should I choose your company for Flutter app development?

As a leading Mobile App development company in India , we have extensive experience in both native and hybrid app development. Choosing us ensures that you get the best of both worlds. We have expertise in Flutter, making us stand out from many other app development companies. Moreover, we are not just restricted to mobile apps; being a proficient web development company in India, we can also ensure that your brand has a consistent digital presence across all platforms.

Can Flutter be used for web applications?

Absolutely! Flutter isn't restricted to mobile app development. Google has been actively pushing Flutter for web development as well. If you're seeking a web development company in India that can leverage Flutter's capabilities for the web, you're in the right place. With Flutter, we can create dynamic, responsive, and high-performance web applications that align with your business needs.

Is Flutter only popular in India or globally?

Flutter is gaining traction globally. While we pride ourselves as a top-tier Mobile APP development company in India, Flutter's global community is expanding rapidly. Major brands worldwide, not just in India, are adopting Flutter for its versatility and efficiency.