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We provide advanced & cutting edge Hybrid app development solutions for your business.

We hold a team of hybrid app developers with excellent years of expertise in creating cost-effective mobile app development services. With our professional’s ability to effectively provide a customized mobile application that works well across multiple devices, we act as a one-stop solution for all hybrid mobile application development requirements. Our software experts can handle any challenges when it comes to cross-platform app development using our innovative hybrid app development services. You can highly rely on us with your investment to come up with a top-notch reliable and scalable hybrid app with a smooth user experience that meets your business’s specific requirements.

We build world-class, award-winning apps.

Acodez is a multiple international award-winning tech company in India since 2011 with 6 offices across India, 100+ team members, 1000+ completed projects, and 16 awards to its credit.

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Why Choose Hybrid App for Development

Hybrid is the perfect solution as it supports all mobile operating systems with the least amount of source code.

Cross-platform compatibility

Hybrid apps allow the business to reach a wider audience without developing separate apps. It uses web technologies to ensure effective running on multiple platforms.

Faster time-to-market

Hybrid app development helps the business to enter the market faster as the developers can recycle the code which speeds up the creation and release of the app.

Access to device features

Access to device features like camera, GPS, and accelerometer facilitates hybrid apps to offer interactive experiences, making them cross-platform while engaging.


It is highly cost-effective to develop one hybrid app for multiple platforms compared to creating individual native apps since the business needs only one codebase.

Technology Stack

Being a well-known mobile app development company in India, we possess a team of professionals who have years of expertise in offering strategy-based web solutions. Depending on the project, we carefully choose the technologies that will meet our client’s highest expectations.



Our team of proficients will help you to create robust and high-performing hybrid apps that will smoothly run on both iOS and Android operating systems. We come up with an effective hybrid app by focusing on elements such as an intuitive user interface, readily controllable, eye-catching designs, seamless flows, and changeable settings.

React Native

We have professionals who have an incredible experience in React native development services and will help you in developing cross-platform applications that are user-friendly, scalable, feature-rich, and intuitive. They will help you to transform your vision into practical solutions and accelerate your business growth.


We offer extensive Ionic-based mobile application development services to easily develop multi-platform applications in the field of Hybrid apps. Our professionals have a deeper insight into the Ionic framework and build high-performing and smooth user experiencing Hybrid mobile apps using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Our team uses mobile-centric open-source development frameworks like Phone Gap to develop hybrid applications that work well in iOS, Android, and other operating systems. Our professionals will enhance the look and usability of your mobile application by developing a complete mobile solution based on your requirement using Phone Gap.

Cross platform

Hybrid apps make users happy with their exemplary user experience. Moreover, our comprehensive client support and app maintenance yield more customer satisfaction and a better.


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See our Process

Hybrid mobile application development services are getting more popular and competitive in the current market. We have a streamlined development process that doesn't rush the development service to ensure quality at each stage.

Filtering the Idea

The initial process is to filter the ideas into an application base to offer practical solutions. This includes traits like goals, demographics, behavior patterns, etc.


The wireframing process helps in getting a great insight into the visual of the app which further determines if the application concept is technically feasible or not.


During the designing phase, our UX designers will design elements interactions whereas UI designers build the app’s persona based on the leading user’s preference.


This phase is to create a working prototype to confirm the functionality. This involves steps for better progress such as improvements in functionality, light testing, etc.

Quality Analysis

Quality testing is the most critical phase and this includes the quality analysis of performance, security, compatibility, stress, usability, and fixing the bugs if any.

Beta Release

The beta release makes it possible for the customers to try out the app even before the formal launch. This helps in detecting bugs if any and enhances product quality.


Once the required improvements are made, the final process in hybrid mobile app development is to launch the app based on the policies of the application launch.

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Thank you very much for delivering top-class corporate web and mobile solutions for us. I deeply appreciate your efforts and guidance, without which, this wouldn't have been possible.

Hiroyasu Tsuchiya

Corporate Branding Division, Panasonic Life Solutions, India

I was really convinced with the previous works they've done and hence I contacted them, even though I'm from Paris and they're in India...And I really liked the work they've done for me too... I strongly recommend Acodez to anyone who's looking for quality stuffs.

Simo Bennis

Seduction Naturelle PNL, France

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of hybrid app development?

  • Faster development: Using web technologies allows for faster development compared to building separate native apps for each platform.
  • Cost-effective: Since hybrid apps can be developed for multiple platforms simultaneously, it reduces the development and maintenance costs.
  • Easy updates: Updates can be rolled out quickly, as changes made to the app can be instantly pushed to all users.
  • Access to device features: Hybrid apps can access device features such as camera, GPS, contacts, and more, using native plugins or application programming interfaces (APIs).

Can hybrid apps be published on app stores?

Yes, as a leading iPhone app development company in India, our team has successfully published numerous hybrid apps on popular app stores such as the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These apps undergo a thorough review process to ensure they comply with the guidelines set by the app stores.

What are some well-known apps built with hybrid app development?

Some examples of hybrid apps include:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • UberEATS
  • Airbnb
  • Walmart

Why Does Hybrid Application Reduce Programming Time for Developers?

You can easily maintain the application code in Hybrid app development because the developers don't require to work on multiple code bases and monitor multiple platforms. A hybrid app development approach helps you to work on a single back-end and also perform app updation simultaneously on all platforms.

Are Hybrid Apps Cross-Platform?

Hybrid applications can run with a single codebase on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and other operating systems. The developers can develop the application once and deploy it across multiple platforms which helps to a great extent in saving time and cost.

Which Technology is Best for Hybrid App Development?

The technology that is best for hybrid app development is completely based on the nature of the project. Being a multi-award winning iOS and android app development company in India, we have a team of professionals who have excellent expertise and knowledge in numerous technology stacks in Hybrid app development like React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, NativeScript, Phone Gap, etc.

The technology chosen for your project will be based on the best fit for the project and the requirements. To also ensure the smooth running of the process, we will arrange a primary consultation with our clients to choose the technology.

Can you integrate my existing website into a hybrid app?

Absolutely! As a professional hybrid app and web development company in India, we can seamlessly integrate your existing website's functionalities into a hybrid app. This integration allows your app to leverage the power of your website's features while providing an optimized mobile experience to your users.