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We Provide Advanced and Cutting Edge React Native App Development Solutions For Your Business

We are the most trusted company that helps you to build native mobile iOS and Android apps by using the open-source framework React Native. You will experience a smooth and efficient running of React native app development process with our team of experts who can integrate technological solutions and your business objective intelligently that drive your business growth. We use Industry leading technology and best practices to ensure excellent user experience.

We build world-class, award-winning apps.

Acodez is a multiple international award-winning tech company in India since 2011 with 6 offices across India, 100+ team members, 1000+ completed projects, and 16 awards to its credit.


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Why Choose React Native App For Development?

React Native is a perfect choice of solution for the development of both simple and advance level apps.


High Performance

React Native is an innovative framework that has a cross-platform approach. It is a cost-effective and time-saving solution along with ensuring high-performing apps.


Code Reusability

React Native enables the developers to write the code once and reuse it across multiple platforms enabling a faster development process and consistent user experience.


Fast Development

React Native is known for its fast development because it has a different approach to rendering components compared to other traditional native app development.


Third-Party Libraries

Using Third-party libraries in React Native helps to add functionalities to the app and ensures a faster development process that can help to save a lot of time and effort.

Technology Stack

We have a brilliant team of proficients who has a deeper insight into using the right tools and methodologies when it comes to React Native app development. This will guarantee a well-built mobile app that is aligned with your organizational requirements and also provides a unique value to your company.




Our team of professional experts uses Flutter which is an open-source framework that allows developers in building cross-platform applications using a single codebase. It helps in combining the smoothness and ease of development with native performance whilst maintaining visual consistency across platforms.


React Native

A great many years of expertise from our professionals in React Native app development helps you to build cross-platform applications which are scalable, user-friendly, feature-rich, and intuitive. They will also help in effectively transforming your vision into practical solutions that boost your business growth.



The ionic framework enables the developers to create leading cross-platform mobile apps and progressive web apps (PWAs). Our expert knowledge and deeper insight into the ionic framework will offer you comprehensive mobile application development solutions that ensure high performance and a smooth user experience.



With our team of professionals’ knowledge and expertise in mobile-centric frameworks like Phone Gap, we will help you with application development solutions that guarantee top performance in iOS, Android, and other operating systems. We will help to enhance the look and usability of your mobile applications with effective practical solutions.

Cross platform

React Native apps make users happy with their exemplary user experience. Moreover, our comprehensive client support and app maintenance yield more customer satisfaction and a better.

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React Native Application development is a perfect choice when it comes to developing mobile application solutions. We offer effective solutions to our clients and ensure a smooth development process by following the 7 steps.

Filtering the Idea

The primary step in our React native mobile application development process is to filter the ideas into an application base to present practical solutions traits.


The wireframing step presents us with a great insight into the visual of the app which further determines whether the application concept is technically feasible or not.


The Designing step is where our UX designers will develop elements interactions whilst our UI designers create the app’s persona based on the user’s leading preference.


The development phase includes creating a working prototype to verify the functionality and it involves steps for better progress and improvements.

Quality Analysis

Quality testing is the most essential stage as it involves quality analysis of performance, security, compatibility, stress, usability, fixing any bugs, etc.

Beta Release

The beta release helps the users to use the app even before the formal launch. It helps in detecting bugs and enhances product quality based on feedback from customers.


Once the required improvements are done, the final phase in React native app development is to launch the app based on the policies of the application launch.

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Thank you very much for delivering top-class corporate web and mobile solutions for us. I deeply appreciate your efforts and guidance, without which, this wouldn't have been possible.

Hiroyasu Tsuchiya

Corporate Branding Division, Panasonic Life Solutions, India

I was really convinced with the previous works they've done and hence I contacted them, even though I'm from Paris and they're in India...And I really liked the work they've done for me too... I strongly recommend Acodez to anyone who's looking for quality stuffs.

Simo Bennis

Seduction Naturelle PNL, France

Frequently asked questions

Why should you choose React Native for mobile app development?

React Native is a perfect solution when it comes to mobile application development solutions because of its cross-platform functionality, simplicity, and faster performance. Choosing React native application development ensure high-quality mobile apps with a single code base that reduces cost, time, and effort. It is an ideal choice to develop high-performance mobile applications due to its compatibility with numerous platforms and technologies.

What apps are built with React Native?

React native has many benefits in developing mobile application solutions such as high performance, code-reusability, reduced cost and time, cross-platform functionality, etc. Considering all the beneficial factors many prominent companies are using React Native application development solutions. Some of the brands include:

  • Facebook
  • Uber Eats
  • Skype
  • Tesla
  • Walmart

What are the benefits of using React Native app Development solutions?

The following are some of the benefits of using React Native for mobile application development:

  • Cross-platform functionality.
  • Faster performance.
  • Compatibility with numerous platforms and technologies.
  • Robustness and dependability.
  • Simple programming model.
  • Modular architecture for easy development and maintenance.
  • Large and active community for support and updates.
  • Cost-effective development because of a single codebase.
  • High-quality and scalable app.
  • Better user experience.

What are the differences between native and hybrid mobile app development?

Native mobile app development refers to creating applications specifically for individual platforms like Android or iOS. When you opt for an iPhone App Development Company India or an Android app development company in India , they will develop apps tailored to those specific platforms. On the other hand, hybrid mobile app development uses a single codebase for multiple platforms. A company, such as those specializing in React Native, will allow you to develop apps that can be deployed on both Android and iOS from a single codebase.

Why should I consider India for mobile and web development services?

India is a hub for IT services and has a vast pool of talented developers and professionals. Opting for a mobile app development company in India or a web design company in India can provide you with cost-effective, high-quality, and innovative solutions. The country's technological expertise, combined with its cost-effective services, makes it a preferred destination for businesses worldwide.

Can React Native be used for both web and mobile applications?

React Native is primarily designed for mobile application development, offering cross-platform solutions for both Android and iOS. However, with frameworks like React Native Web, it's possible to adapt React Native components and APIs to run on the web platform. So, while React Native is a tool from a mobile app development company in India, combined technologies allow it to bridge the gap with web development company services in India as well.

Is React Native a good choice for startups?

Absolutely! React Native provides a cost-effective solution, especially for startups looking to launch their product on both Android and iOS platforms. By hiring a hybrid app development company in India that specializes in React Native, startups can save costs and time by using a single codebase for both platforms.