SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

An online search query triggers millions of results every time and competing for the top position in a search result to drive in traffic to your site can be difficult, without an expert team. We, at Acodez, forge a perfectly planned, fail-proof SEO strategy that will let your website be found on the top search results with organic leads flowing into your inbox.

Search Engine Optimization:

Acodez IT Solutions belongs to the "After Google" Era, and we have our SEO nerds out there ever ready to churn search engine traffic into gold mines.

Forget the old SEO school tactics that will do no good for your online business.

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Why do I need an agency to do SEO?
Can I just hire someone and get this done cheaply?

Well, the way SEO works has changed drastically over the last few years. It's no more a one-man show where any one freelancer or an in-house resource can pull out wonders. Currently, if you need long-term sustainable results in SEO, you need to execute a proper content marketing plan wherein top class contents are produced to outrun your competitors- and this can't be done by one person.

So by hiring an agency like us, you're engaging a full team to work for you - which not only includes the SEO Analysts, but also Content Managers, Graphic & Web Designers, Motion Designers, Outreach Managers and more.

It is not merely our industry expertise that makes us a reliable partner for decades, but our technical skills and know-how of what works and what doesn’t. We have strong talented professionals who build a perfect framework to convert traffic from search engines. The experience gained helped us to create a dynamic framework that can be altered based on the changes in industrial technologies, algorithm shifts and client campaign data.

We ensure a successful and guaranteed position among your competitors with our framework. It is our strategized planning that highlights us to be the right partner of any business. We categorize our framework into four, say, Learning, Planning, Adjustment and Growth.

Our system is broken down into 4 buckets: Learning, Planning, Adjustment and Growth. The rest of this page will describe our deliverables in detail.

Stage 1: Learning

It is all about our understanding your brand as it is unique. We try to gather more information about your business, competitors, customers and industry to bring every possible success that drive growth. Thus we invest our learning time in discovery process, analytics audit, industry landscaping, technical website audit, competitive research.

  • Discovery Process
  • Analytics Audit
  • Industry Landscaping
  • Technical Website Audit
  • Competitive Research

In order to find your industry, customers and competitors it is obvious that we must approach you only as no one else can provide a detailed information other than you. For a successful campaign, all knowledge must be extracted through targeted enquiries, industry research and meeting.

seo learning

The success of campaign can be measured and baseline progress is done. We make sure your website can track and record information by in depth analytics audit to unwind more areas like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager that provide tracking issues, bugs and better upgrades for campaign.

seo learning

To know what is working and what is not, we use tools like Ahrefs, SEM Rush and Buzzsumo. This gives us a clear idea to formulate the right medium and channel to build a multiple touch point marketing strategy.

seo learning

If your website has glaring issues, then ranking will be impossible and it is important to note that most of the issues just require an in depth technical audit and complete SEO knowledge to find and fix errors. We review over 200 technical elements in full technical audit to know which factor holds your website back from generating more traffic.

seo learning

Understanding your competitors is as important as your improvements for your website ranking and marketing success. We thus, formulate the best plan to win them by running comparisons with your top competitors to identify what you lack and to identify opportunities.

seo learning

Stage 2: Planning

It is all about our understanding your brand as it is unique. We try to gather more information about your business, competitors, customers and industry to bring every possible success that drive growth. Thus we invest our planning time in keyword opportunity mapping, audience persona creation, competitive links audit, link opportunity mapping, topical research for content, link calendar creation and content calendar development.

  • Keyword Opportunity
  • Audience Personal
  • Competitive Links
  • Link Opportunity
  • Topical Research
    for Content
  • Link Calendar
  • Content Calendar
  • Final campaign

Keywords guide your content to be in the best position in the ranking results. Our skilled team finds out the valuable keywords and maps them to right direction on your website. We categorize those into purchase and informational keywords. For sales pages, we select purchase keywords and for content creation we search for informational keywords. This helps in creating your organic marketing funnel that is important for link research and content creation.

seo planning

We focus on your customers and you need not worry about the targeted audience and pleasing them. We find your customers through audience profiling to focus and acquire more paying customers.

seo planning

Google’s algorithm relies on Al learning, i.e., Google knows how a good link looks like in your niche will. For best link building to your website full competitor link audit will be run to know the good link profile look like.

seo planning

Good links must be placed on your website by assigning tasks. We get our customers the quickest traffic turnaround by finding pages ranking on the first page.

seo planning

It is a known fact that performance of content depends on keyword research. Thus topical research can find accurate keywords as well as latest topics and trends too. These topics will be mapped to various stages in your website’s funnel. For the best campaign creation everything is accounted and correctly scheduled as well.

seo planning

We create link calendar with much pride and focus half dozen types of links and pitch over 10,000 new chances for you. An outreach calendar ahead of time helps us to do so.

seo planning

Each content we publish must be of not just better or good but the best it can be. Within first month of campaign we schedule from researching keywords till publish date.

seo planning

It is your right to know what happens at all times of work. We present a detailed strategy mapping before you, from starting till end. After final approval we will be ready to implement growth.

seo planning

Stage 3: Adjustment

It is all about our understanding your brand as it is unique. We try to gather more information about your business, competitors, customers and industry to bring every possible success that drive growth. Thus we invest our adjustment time in executing technical updates, implementing analytics updates, launching content marketing campaign, creating personas for outreach.

  • Execute Technical
  • Implement Analytics
  • Launch Content Marketing
  • Create "Personas" for

It is quite important that technical must be fixed before building links to your website. To do so, we plan for a project which gives prioritized tasks and make sure all issues are fixed. You can hire our skilled team to implement any changes for you.

seo adjustment

Our team is qualified and excellent in tracking and monitoring your campaign. An analytics project plan will be implemented to fix issues within a time frame. It can also track the Return of Investment (ROI) of your campaign.

seo adjustment

Content is the king of SEO. A good and quality content brings more traffic through videos, resources and blog creation. To maintain your website lively always, we publish two or more contents every month. All these will be provided in the content calendar from month one of the campaign itself.

seo adjustment

We aim at your ultimate success, so we send more than 10,000 emails during your campaign period and we pitch on behalf of your business. We are well versed in strategizing, creating and building personas for your outreach campaign.

 seo adjustment

Stage 4: Growth

It is all about our understanding your brand as it is unique. We try to gather more information about your business, competitors, customers and industry to bring every possible success that drive growth. Thus we invest our growth time in organic content creation, skyscraper content outreach, ongoing link outreach, link building campaigns, reporting, analysis, consulting.

  • Organic Content
  • Skyscraper Content
  • Ongoing Link
  • Link Building
  • Reporting, Analysis,

Even if your content is of good quality, you won’t get traffic by simply publishing it rather than promoting it as well. Our team promotes your posts through Facebook, Quora, Reddit and relevant forms in the industry.

seo growth

We find similar websites related to your website content that can be linked. An outreach email will be sent asking for placements of link which is known as skyscraper technique.

seo growth

Link building will be divided into ongoing links and campaigns. Guest posts, niche blogger outreach and sponsored posts come under ongoing link building. These links will run throughout campaign to consistently build links.

seo growth

Infographic outreach, reporter outreach, social media influencer outreach and product review outreach comes under campaigns. Throughout the campaign cycle, anyone of these campaigns will be run per month.

seo growth

Our reporting includes detailed performance and strength of your website. If any area is to be upgraded, we revise it every month focusing your growth.

seo growth


Results will be clearly seen within 5-6 months. Organic traffic cannot be attained within a night time as it is ongoing and requires time.

We can guarantee quite good results for your growth and we believe it is a team work of yours and ours.

Our team has experience working in a tech savvy atmosphere where we focus on increasing the clients from the bottom line. And this makes us the extraordinary agency.

We look at traffic and conversions. We pay attention to keyword rankings, yet not too much on that.

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