13Feb 2024

10 Best YouTube Channels for Designers in 2024

Design has become pivotal in most of the situations in the modern era of digital. 

Everywhere you go there is an increasing demand for designers,  be it web designers, graphic designers, or product designers. Designers strive to stay updated with the trends and advancements in their industries.

Designers now use YouTube as a source of information to improve their skills and be able to follow current trends in design. This blog post looks at the top ten YouTube channels for designers in 2024.

  1. The Futur

Futur continues to be an unparalleled giant in the design education field, where a great number of its subscribers reach up to one million. Under the leadership of Chris Do, a respected figure in designing with broad expertise and strong dedication to teaching. The Futur stands out because it integrates information on graphic design, branding, and business strategy into design education, making it a full-package approach.

The channel content goes beyond being informative in that it is quite engaging and, thus, a remarkable learning tool for both novices and experts in design. The Futur will have something of value for both beginners who want to learn the basics and experienced designers looking to improve design, business, and entrepreneurial skills through its structured, in-depth tutorials, interviews with design experts, and real-world design cases.

This change happens when the Futur emphasizes not only the artistic side of the equation but the business side as well. Chris Do, together with his staff, is committed to empowering designers who can not only produce beautiful visuals but also convert them into a profitable business.

The focus on strategy and branding at the channel is indicative of their effort in ensuring quality in terms of market-oriented, all-round designers. The Futur would be an excellent learning platform for any designer who has a passion for design and is interested in enriching his or her knowledge and skills in design.

  1. Charli Marie TV

A notable YouTube channel on design and productivity is Charli Marie TV, spearheaded by Charli Prangley. Charli’s approach to making content has made her channel the real treasure for people who want productivity enhancement or to become designers. Therefore, Charli’s background adds authenticity and credibility to her tutorials and insights, making her channel reliable and a trusted information source for her growing subscribers.

Charli’s amicable and open personality makes one of Charli Marie TV’s attractions. That is what makes her unique in the field of design education, as she has a knack for breaking down complex design concepts. She makes her content interesting for viewers by making them feel comfortable in the process of learning and growing. Apart from design tutorials, Charli’s channel shares some advice on boosting productivity, giving a different perspective on developing as a person or a professional.

Additionally, Charli sheds light on being a digital nomad designer, giving the audience an insight into working in a location-independent career. Considering these factors Charli Marie TV has become a go-to resource for individuals seeking guidance and inspiration in design industry.

  1. Dansky

Dansky, a designer from the UK has established himself as an authority figure when it comes to Adobe Illustrator and Illustrator CC. His YouTube channel is highly regarded within the design community as it caters to individuals of all backgrounds.

 However, Dansky is remarkable because of its detailed, step-by-step tuition, and it is one of the best ways to learn about design techniques, especially for Adobe software.

Dansky’s channel is extremely valuable to beginners and advanced designers alike. He would be helpful in the sense that beginners will appreciate his clear and patient teaching style that demystifies the complexities of Adobe Illustrator and XD. However, experienced designers can utilize his tutorials as a vehicle to explore advanced features and techniques, thus sharpening their abilities.

Dansky does not just stop at providing tutorials; he also reviews various design software and tools that assist his audience in deciding on the right set of design tools. Danasky’s materials are the perfect embodiment of his efforts, which are aimed at creating a competent and enlightened design society; thus, this channel becomes essential for any ambitious design practitioner searching for ways of further self-improvement.

  1. Will Paterson

The YouTube channel of Will Paterson is an inexhaustible source for people who are keen on typography and logo styles. Therefore, his channel is like a stop for people interested in improving their calligraphy skills, developing intriguing labels, or learning about diverse designs.

However, it is worth mentioning that some of the outstanding characteristics of the channel Paterson include an inviting and simple attitude. He is uniquely talented at unwrapping the complex design concept and creating a warm learning atmosphere. This is why his channel has lots of appeal among budding designers who want to improve their skills. What makes Paterson’s content interesting is that it reads like a love letter about his genuine enthusiasm for typography and logos, which leaves students enjoying their learning experience throughout.

You can use this channel either if you are a beginner who wants to learn basic knowledge about logos and typography or if you are an experienced designer who needs some new ideas to refresh his mind.

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud

The official YouTube Channel of Adobe Creative Cloud has become a vital source for designers who use their creative software pack. It is one way of bringing in some really useful content such as tutorials, tips, and tricks to some of the design tools like photoshop, illustrator, in-design, and many others.

Remaining linked to Adobe’s channel will make sense for every designer because it entails some vital gains. In the first place, this makes you take advantage maximally of Adobe’s strong software, thus saving your time and creativity. Moreover, the guides and tips provided on this channel will be beneficial not only for starters but also for professionals as well.

The Adobe Creative Cloud is an important place where designers can keep themselves updated on what’s new in the digital design space so that they can extend their limits in creating world-class designs.

  1. Shutterstock Tutorials

Shutterstock Tutorials are a great asset that a designer can resort to in order to succeed in the field of stock photos and vector illustrations. It is a powerful educational YouTube channel that has detailed tutorials on how one can make exciting and amazing designs using Shutterstock’s huge collection of visual resources.

What differentiates Shutterstock Tutorials is that they are targeted at assisting designers in enhancing their visual storytelling. The effectiveness of any storytelling in today’s visually driven world depends on a content provider’s ability to communicate compelling images. Channels are designed to give designers the tools needed to use Shutterstock’s huge image and vector library in the most effortless way possible.

It is either for someone new who would like to understand the fundamentals or an experienced expert wanting to uplift his/her storytelling prowess. Designers are able to leverage such a resource to effectively develop captivating visual stories, leading, in turn, to memorable, inspiring designs.

  1. Spoon Graphics

Indeed, Chris Spooner, who is a creative head from Spoon Graphics, has been well-known to the design community for several years. Thus, his YouTube channel is regarded as the foundation for the design of education with various types of materials that support different kinds of designers. Spoon Graphics catalog is full of tutorials, tips, and free design items for everyone.

Spoon Graphics is unique in that it’s highly flexible. The channel has photoshop to illustrator tutorials and others that provide insight into commonly used designing software so that designers are set against different designing tasks. Further, his commitment to design theory dialogues makes it easier for viewers to comprehend the basics of design and the need to be strategic while designing.

Spoon Graphics is good for either a rookie who wants to improve his/her skills or experienced professionals searching for new inspirations and ideas. Indeed, Chris’s channel remains a vital source of information on various trends in design as well as perfecting one’s skill in this field.

  1. Teela Cunningham

The renowned painter, as well as designer Teela Cunningham, stands with dignity among the designers. Creative people who want to explore new grounds with regard to digital illustrations, watercolor techniques, and the use of Procreate will find her YouTube channel as the biggest mine of gold.

In fact, this channel can be very useful for such artists as well as designers who wish to explore the environs of digital illustration. She shares her rich knowledge with us through detailed video tutorials and talks on almost every topic related to digital painting. The fact that she centers her focus on watercolor techniques demonstrates her commitment to assisting designers in understanding a trendy style today.

Besides, the direction that Cuntingham gives on Procreate, one of the strong digital drawing tools, is very useful for the person who wants to be able to use it fully. Teela also provides tutorial videos on how to use digital illustrations and watercolor techniques. Such videos help aspiring artists to build their knowledge as well as experienced designers to be creative. Through her willingness to share her knowledge and passion for the profession, she becomes an invaluable resource for creative people.

  1. Mike Locke

Mike Loke’s YouTube channel has become an important source of material for people involved in UX and UI designing. His channel is a treasure trove of knowledge that offers tips on how to create user-friendly and eye-catching interfaces.

For those venturing into product design industry, Mike Locke’s channel is a must visit resource. It serves as a reference point, for designers at any skill level. Lockes content assists designers in creating interfaces that are both aesthetically appealing and functional.

For beginners in UX and UI, a veteran designer, or anyone interested in keeping up with the latest trends in digital product design, Mike Locke’s channel provides the necessary guidance as well as a wealth of knowledge to survive in UX and UI.

  1. TastyTuts

TastyTuts is a YouTube video channel dedicated to design lovers keen to develop skills in using Adobe After Effects, motion graphics, and video editing. TastyTuts presents a whole lotta’ information about motion graphics which focuses on the dynamic and creative elements in design that can help you add to your skill set or get into the industry.

TastyTuts stands out as one of the products that give comprehensive tutorials. The channel does not limit its description to mere explanations, but it provides elaborate clarifications as well as vivid illustrations on how Adobe After Effects and motion graphics are understood. Additionally, the incorporation of actual projects from the real world ensures that the skills learned are readily usable directly on the job, making it possible for designers to put into practice what they have just learned.

It’s a great option for designers who want to understand the basics of using motion in animation and for those proficient in that sphere of design who wish to enhance their skills. The channel is an indispensable source for anyone intending to incorporate moving and captivating materials into design.


The design world is changing every day. If the designers do not follow these changes, they will lag behind the current trends, which are very important in the year 2024. In this piece, we will highlight different YouTube channels that designers can use to enhance their capabilities, discover new innovations, and be inspired.

These channels are the ones that can make you grow as a graphic designer, a web designer, or any design professional. These channels are not difficult to explore, though, they will definitely help you become a designer for the year 2024 and beyond.

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