12Dec 2023

Best Time to post on Instagram

It is without doubt that there is no better platform when it comes to posting on Instagram, and as far as social media is being transformed from one stage to another. Knowing when your Instagram posts should be made would increase the chances of higher engagement and reach, especially those people interested in displaying their creativity, as well as businesses that want to improve their reputation or boost their sales.

This comprehensive blog post highlights how to identify the best moments for posting on Instagram by taking reliable sources like Ignite Visibility.

Understanding the Algorithm

Instagram algorithm – Image source: sprout social

Unraveling the mysteries behind when is the best time to post on Instagram depends on understanding the intricate algorithm that governs its operations. Instagram uses a complex approach to filter the information displayed on the feed of users. Key factors include:


Instagram’s algorithm has been finely tuned to guess what interests you based on your interactions and previous behaviors. It, therefore, looks at what you read, who you are friends with or choose to follow, and what hashtags and posts you like or comment on. For instance, if you often like and leave comments in connection with health promotion, the algorithm can prefer displaying the posts of fitness influencers and healthy lifestyle advocates.

Knowing the meaning of the “interest” element is paramount because it stresses the necessity of customising your content in accordance with the tastes of your chosen consumers. As such, as a business that sells outdoor gear, it is important that you create content that captures the attention of such outdoor fans in order to have increased chances of being viewed by them through such feeds.


Timeliness is the simple but crucial idea behind Instagram’s algorithm. The newest information gets the maximum ranking. Put simply, the recency of a post determines to a large extent if it makes it into your followers’ feeds.

This demonstrates how fleeting social media is and how updated content is preferred. When your audience is most active, it’s important to be posting in order to ensure that your content stays visible and doesn’t just get buried under new posts. This implies you should pay attention to when your target audience is actively on the platforms and make sure your postings don’t get lost in the shuffle. Therefore, to be seen by your followers, you must be current and relevant.


Instagram’s algorithm considers “relationship” as it prioritizes posts of accounts that interact with your profile frequently. In other words, the posts of profiles that you often like, comment on or communicate via direct messages are more inclined to show up on your feed. This quality helps foster real relationships and involvement on the platform.

It creates the impression that, as a user you have the freedom to engage with what interests you than just following the crowd. For both businesses and influencers establishing connections with their followers is crucial to ensure that each post reaches the audience. These relationships are, in turn, built by way of returning comments, teaming up with the influencers, and coming up with catchy material that clicks with the group.


Instagram also takes into account how frequently you open the app. The platforms primary objective is to present you with the content since your last visit. For instance if Instagram constantly checks for updates and you frequently browse through it your Instagram feed will always showcase updates.

 This is like a two-sided affair; it means that you could see more recent articles, but the older ones could be easily buried by many followers in a short span of time.

Consistency is one of those factors that stress out regular posting. To maintain public visibility, keep posting often so that it reaches your readers during their active hours, which means your content goes to their feeds.


The number of accounts followed is considered by Instagram’s algorithm as well. This consideration affects the variety of posts that appear in your timeline or feed. With more than one account that you are following, the algorithm has a larger body of content to help in curating your feed.

Consequently, some posts from some of your followers might not appear in your newsfeed, so you have to create compelling content to attract your readers. With this in mind, users are compelled to be cautious about whom they follow because businesses must do their best to offer meaningful and important information so as not to fade into a crowd of other accounts that users may follow.

Although Instagram keeps secrets about its specific algorithm, the combination of these variables sets the stage for knowing why scheduling and time of posting is essential.

Audience Analysis

Instagram Audience Analysis – image source: Influencer marketing hub

Understanding your target demographic is critical in determining the optimum time to publish on Instagram. A fitness influencer’s posting schedule may never work for a fashion brand or a local bakery. Here are some key aspects to consider:


Demographic understanding of a target audience is an essential aspect while searching for optimum times to upload something to Instagram. Using parameters like your follower´s age, location, and gender can help you determine when to post in order to connect and reach them specifically.

For instance, you must schedule your posts to coincide with Eastern Standard Time if the majority of your audience comprises middle-aged professionals living in New York City. The young professionals are likely to log in to their Instagram accounts while commuting or taking lunch time breaks. Tailoring your publishing schedule to the demographics of your target audience enhances the probability of your material being viewed when it is most busy, resulting in high interaction and visibility.


Another important thing to put into consideration is the manner in which you relate with your audience. Do they include night owl students or hardworking professionals who scroll through their Insta feed during lunch break or in the early morning? Comprehending the everyday activities and preferences of your target audience will enable you to modify or adapt your posting frequency.

For example, if your fans are students, it may make sense to offer content during the night when they typically relax and interact with social media systems. However, if your audience is composed mainly of professionals, then early morning or lunch time posts might be more convenient instead. By adjusting your posts to follow how your followers behave, you get your content in front of them at their most willing time.

Time Zone

Scheduling posts becomes difficult if you have a global following who are in different time zones. In case you cannot be able to ascertain the location of your audience, there are certain tools and features, such as Instagram Insights, which can come in handy. You can determine key time zones that your followers are in and create a posting schedule focused on high-activity periods in each region.

This means that your content remains fresh and relevant to most of your audience members, no matter where they are. It is no simple task to engage a time zone across the globe if you want to attract a wider following.


However, only experimenting is the way of discovering the best posting time for your target audience. Although general guidelines and trends can be helpful as a jumping-off point, it’s important to conduct your own tests on the post’s performance over time. You can figure out what works by testing different posting times and using metrics like likes, comments, shares, and profile visits.

Therefore, this iterative approach lets you hone your posting schedule when you start observing changes in your audience’s habits or demography. Through continuous testing, one is able to ensure that their Instagram strategy is being optimised to be put in front of an audience while they are actively searching for content.

Peak Times and Days

Although there is no single perfect time to post on Instagram, different scientific studies and expertise provide useful information. Ignite Visibility, in the article provided as a reference, mentions some general trends:

Weekdays vs. Weekends

Your posts on Instagram have to be timed well so that they can appear in as many feeds as possible and lead to high engagement levels. Insights from Ignite Visibility indicate that weekdays are more advantageous than weekends in terms of posting. This is important because it means that on a work week, specifically Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, people are more responsive to content on Instagram compared to other days. People are used to following routine schedules on weekdays and, therefore, include social media checks as part of them.

However, people tend to detach themselves from social media when the weekend approaches because they seek leisure and recreation. This brings into focus the need to time your posts for specific times when your audience is usually the most responsive.

Mornings and Evenings

The right timing of your Instagram posts can help you hold onto your audience’s attention and encourage more engagement. The article from Ignite Visibility highlights two key daily windows: mornings and evenings.Typically a popular time for posting falls between 9 AM and 11 PM in the morning. This period corresponds to when people wake up enjoy breakfast and commute, to work.

A lot of people look at Instagram during this period, thus, it is an ideal chance to have your posts viewed. Also, like afternoons between 2 PM and 7 PM, there is another peak posting time referred to as evenings at about 7 PM to 9 PM.

By the end of the day, people tend to relax and thus create a good audience for social media posts and content. You can increase the visibility and the impact of your content by posting at these times. Aligning the post in such a way makes it easier for you to catch the audience when they are the most active on the channel.


Posting at a good time on Instagram will significantly determine their success, specifically, posting during lunch hours, from 12 to 1:00 p.m. This is a normal behavior observed in many people who take breaks during their work/school day to catch up on Instagram. Considering the lunchtime slot can also capture the interest of people who are on a short break and thus offer a unique chance of engagement.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that this timing may work for different people with diverse routines and preferences. This shows the importance of knowing your audience’s behaviours and tailoring your posting timetable for maximum visibility and engagement of your content.

These trends provide useful information but cannot be entirely accurate in relation to the behavior of your exclusive audience, thus the need for using Instagram Insights, among others, and constant testing. Success on Instagram can be best described as a flexible and data-driven strategy to cater to your audience’s peculiarities.

Firstly, these trends provide a jumping-off point, however, it is crucial to note that they may not perfectly align with the behaviors of your particular audience.

Instagram Insights and Third-Party Tools

Instagram Insights

The built-in Instagram Insights provides invaluable insight into one’s Instagram account performance. The tool offers vast information on your audience, follower breakdown, performance analytics, as well as engagement data. With Instagram Insights, you can monitor important indicators like the composition of your audience by demographics, the times when your followers are most active, and much more. This is essential information that will help you understand how your audience behaves and their likes and dislikes. For instance, it will tell you whether your followers are predominantly youths from a certain location so that you can customize your content and schedule for posting.

Another important thing that Instagram Insights can do is tell you when your audience is most active on the platform. As a result, this information helps you decide when you post content in order to maximize its impact and engagement amongst your target audience. To achieve more visibility, impact on your posts, higher engagement, and reach, you need to match them with the active hours of your followers.

Third-Party Tools

Beyond Instagram Insights, there are so many other third-party available tools and applications that will add more advantages to your Instagram strategy. They provide deep analytics and scheduling options for your posts and content, which will assist in maximizing what you post. Some of these are popularly known as Later, Hootsuite, and Buffer. These tools enable you to schedule your posts in advance thereby simplifying and streamlining Instagram account management.

In fact these third party tools offer platform scheduling as a significant advantage. These tools allow you to organize and schedule posts on many social media networks, including Instagram, making your job easier. Furthermore, the majority of these apps include further recommendations on how to optimize your Instagram approach. You can use them to identify the best time to post for your niche. Moreover, the activity pattern of your followers should be taken into consideration. Such a data-based approach allows you to improve your content strategy and attain improved results.


There is no universal formula that determines the best time to post on Instagram. It’s a mix of art and science that includes knowing and understanding your audience, gathering and analyzing your data, and being aware and updated on general trends. Although the ideas from companies such as Ignite Visibility are helpful, bear in mind that your target audience could be behaving differently.

Finally, constant monitoring, trying out different schedules, and adjusting when necessary are what will lead you to the ideal posting frequency on Instagram. It is worth noting that the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, therefore, being updated and flexible is of utmost importance for developing a strong Instagram brand. The best time to post could be the secret to your Instagram success. Learn how to use your knowledge about your followers along with Instagram and other third-party tools’ insights in order to uncover the secret to the best time to post.

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