Mar 10 2017

100+ Useful Web Designing Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs

Posted on March 10, 2017 | by Krishnankutty K N | in Infographics | 2 Comments

Web Designing Tools

No time in history was as conducive for entrepreneurs as it is now. And all thanks to the worldwide phenomenon- the internet. To think that a laptop, a good internet connection and the fire to learn can make one the next big thing in the world is just mind-boggling. And if there is one sector […]

Nov 13 2015

Infographics: 20 Simple Business Periscoping Tips to Increase Customer Engagement

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Before the much discussed hype created by the live streaming app, Meerkat could calm down, Twitter has unveiled a similar but stronger live video streaming app that has a large number of new features innovated into its implementation, to flaunt its credibility. Named as Periscope, the app is a handy tool that is highly popular […]

Oct 28 2015

Infographics: Top 6 Quality Assurance Checklist for Web Developers

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Top 6 Quality Assurance Checklist for Web Developers

Attention Web Developers! We have got something for you to simplify your Web Development efforts. In our Infographics, we shall take you across the top 6 quality assurance checklists that you can utilize, while you strive hard to build the perfect website that integrates all your clients’ requirements without losing the essence of modernized website […]

Aug 24 2015

Infographic – Top Tips for Becoming a Better Designer

Posted on August 24, 2015 | by Team Acodez | in Infographics | 2 Comments

Top Tips To Become A Better Designer

Being a successful designer depends a lot on your creative ideas & the way you apply it. While most people try to over-complicate their work with various design principles & frameworks, we believe that a great design should be simple, creative & communicative. Your work is undoubtedly the building blocks of your career, but it […]

Aug 17 2015

Infographic – 16 Reasons Why Your Website is Loading Slow

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Nobody wants to wait for a website to load. Slow loading webpages can be annoying for your visitors often deterring them from visiting your website again. As websites today are built with various attractive elements & complex features, it is thus crucial to make sure that your website doesn’t take forever to load. A fast loading […]

Nov 28 2013

Best Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

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creating infographics with the best tools, how to make infographics tools

Hope you have already checked the free Website Speed Insight tools we highlighted before two weeks, and this week we would like to share the best infographic tools which can help you to present information graphics directly to your reader rather than scrolling down lot of texts.  If you ever thought about how to make […]