13Nov 2015

Infographics: Top 6 Quality Assurance Checklist for Web Developers

Attention Web Developers!

We have got something for you to simplify your Web Development efforts. In our Infographics, we shall take you across the top 6 quality assurance checklists that you can utilize, while you strive hard to build the perfect website that integrates all your clients’ requirements without losing the essence of modernized website design concepts.

Top 6 Quality Assurance Checklist for Web Developers

There are a lot of web development companies booming up to help businesses build their online communication channel with the real people via the virtual world.  It looks like web development companies these days are following suite of traditional coffee shops that were seen around every nook & corner of the town. Jokes apart, now that we know the competition is growing firmer and fiercer with each passing day, how do you ensure that you are building a website that fits in your client’s requirements, & how do you assure you are doing it the right way?

First and foremost, realize the fact that web development is a team effort and if you are the one communicating with the client then you need to convey the same to your team via a proper presentation model that will represent the actual working model of your clients’ specifications. Regular meetings can promote and infuse better ideas. Secondly, ensure that your web design is perfect and professional with all the necessary entities that provide an enhanced user experience.

Thirdly, ensure that you follow the good old rule of Content Writing which is: “Content is King”. Ensure that your content is error-free, fresh, unique & informative. The fourth point is to examine whether the website functionality is perfect with proper navigation & reduced loading time. Fifth point applies the same rule to check for the functionality of your E-commerce websites. Finally, we conclude the checklist with the sixth point, which implies the importance of implementing a fully-functional CTA.

This was just a precise insight into the information that is being discussed in the below given Infographics. Take a few seconds off, while we take you across these points in detail through this in our Blog “Top 9 Website Quality Assurance Checklist for Web Developers“.

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