20Sep 2019

Digital Advertising in India – Statistics and Trends

Digital advertising in India

Advertising paves the way for connectivity. Mobile makes connectivity happen.

Digital is the new word for marketing. A glimpse into digital advertising impact worldwide as per the statistics of the year 2016

US tops the list with US$179b, while China comes second with USS53b. Japan is next at US$34b, closely followed by UK at US$26b. India is the last at US$9b.

Digital advertising has taken the world by storm.

Check out the below infographics on Digital Advertising in India. ( Click image to enlarge )

Infographics - Digital Advertising in India

Digital Advertising spend is on a rise!

Every year, nations have been seen adopting newer and fresher means of marketing and this has given rise to improved or a wider impact of advertising spend on their growth.

Here, is a reflection of the expected growth on the advertising markets in 2019, worldwide:

US ranks first, with US$20.62b advertising spend growth and China ranks second, with US$17.94b advertising spend growth while Indonesia ranks third, with US$3.15b advertising spend growth

UK ranks fourth, with US$2.95b advertising spend growth but India, however, has moved far ahead from the lowest position to rank fifth, at US$2.82b whereas Japan has moved downward at US$2.25b

Television and newspaper are never out of trend. Commercials always find themselves a considerable space in the T.V. and newspaper columns. Here, is a glimpse into how the ad spend has been varying across these distinctive medias in India from 2016 to 2017:

Television holds the highest share (2016-2017: 37.8%-37.2%) followed by newspaper, which comes second (2016-17: 37.8%-36.9%). The next is a surprise and shocking one –  Internet usage has experienced a considerable increase (2016-17: 12.5%-14.3%). Radio and Cinema occupy a very small space in the year 2016: 3.6% and 0.8% respectively. Magazines are still the preferred choice of people and business owners (2016-17: 1.9%-1.7%).

Advertising revenue in India in the year 2016 are eye-popping figures: Print has been successful at luring more as it heads the list, with a whopping figure of INR201.3b. Television has always left no stones unturned at influencing the people and this is at INR201.2b. Digital follows and shows its excellence, at a figure of INR76.9b.

Out-of-home and radio share almost similar figures, as these are being replaced (at INR26.1b and INR22.7b, respectively), by the latest and sophisticated medias.

Distribution of advertising spends in India, in the year 2017 across various industry verticals has increased tremendously, making it an inevitable part of online businesses.

Now, slowly the number of people using internet increased. This fuelled the widespread usage of digital across the various sectors. Businesses started investing in Internet advertising and the variation on how this changed in India, from 2006-16 is in fact, surprising. As more number of people started making their business decisions online, businesses started adopting digital advertising strategies.

Here, is the percentage of digital advertising spends in India across various industry sectors during the year 2015:

E-commerce ranks first with a share of 20% whereas Telecom owns a share of 15%, the same shared by BFSI. FMCG stands third with a share of 13% and Travel industry owns a share of 11%. Auto industry’s share is at 10% while Education’s share is at 6% and, rest of the others contribute a share of 11%.

This means social media, video and mobile has been utilizing most of the digital advertising spends or the businesses have emerged more intelligent over time.


Television will always remain at the top position among the media that influences people and businesses. But, by the year 2020, there could be a variation in this position being replaced by mobile.  More number of people will have access to mobile devices and internet by 2020. E-commerce sites will be more secure and user-friendly, by 2020.

All this implies that mobile is the next new thing in the world of digital marketing.


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