Feb 4 2014

Easy Design Tips for Everyone

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To compete in the global market, you need a well established brand name. If you are part of a company, you know how much important branding is. Top notch visual treatment is necessary for powerful branding. Better elegant design can attract more audience and drive them to your business. If you are running a store, […]

Jan 31 2014

6 Highly Effective Free Traffic Building Techniques

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website traffic increasing

Couldn’t emphasize enough as to how important a role internet marketing plays in small, medium or large businesses. If you have just stepped into the digital media, or have just realized its significance to your business, here are some of the highly effective free techniques to building massive traffic to your website. Let’s head in. […]

Jan 28 2014

Will Paid Search Marketing Works for Your Business: Tips and Guide

Posted on January 28, 2014 | by Team Acodez | in Internet Marketing Solutions, Search Engine Optimization | No Comments

paid search marketing factors, paid search marketing, PPC guide and tips

We have already talked about the differences between SEO and PPC, but should you choose to run PPC for your business how would you really know if you are right on your decision? What just propels you to choose for it out of other marketing tactics? While it’s great for some businesses to advertise pay […]

Jan 23 2014

8 Steps To A Solid Social Media Marketing Plan

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Social Media Marketing Plan

Everyone is getting on to the social media, individuals and businesses alike. Essentially, it has become an indispensible mode in day to day life. However, it may not be appropriate for businesses to randomize their social existence with little or no thoughts and plans, which could turn to be detrimental to the business. Planning is […]

Jan 17 2014

Popular Web Page Designing Services

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Web Page Designing Services, Popular Web Design Technologiesweb page designing, web design services

We look at some of the best web design practices that became a hit recently. Know the features of each of the technologies and understand the advantages and disadvantages.  Responsive Web Page Designing Services Responsive Web Designing are done to make a website fit perfect on the common gadgets of today. As a website is […]

Jan 13 2014

Don’ts of Social Media

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Social media posting, Social media post updates , Social media posting managements

There are tons of content on the internet covering on what you could, should and might do in the social media to promote your business online. What is equally important is knowing what you must not do or refrain from doing. It’s good to know that social media have got some etiquettes to it. So […]

Jan 10 2014

Video Optimization For Search Engines

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Video optimization, Video optimization tips

A well optimized video has more chances of performing well over the long run. With mountainous number of videos being uploaded every minute into the internet, it is important to leverage every single optimization factor if your video must make it to the fighting challenges. With 100 hours of videos being uploaded into YouTube per […]

Jan 2 2014

Effective Ways of Building Online Brand Awareness

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Building Online Brand Awareness, Online Brand Awareness, Brand Awareness

In the hyper competitive and digital age we live in, it has become essential of brands to creates its presence online and bring on the impact to its targeted audience. Today consumers lean on researching about a brand/product/service online before they make a purchase, both online and offline. It has therefore become inevitable to respond […]

Dec 31 2013

Major SEO Trends in 2014

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seo-trends-2014, Seo in 2014

SEO has undergone significant change since the advent of Hummingbird. The following years have witnessed the challenges faced by businesses, strategies that went obsolete and those that gained priority. Tracking back into yester years throws insight into what we could expect to trend in the years coming ahead, in particular for 2014. Role of Social […]

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