20Oct 2017

How to Keep Your Facebook Account Safe From Hackers?

Facebook has been the most commonly and widely used social networking website throughout the continents and it goes without saying that it is also the most frequently hacked website for the only reason that it is easily accessible from any kind of digital/electronic gadget. Facebook gives you the facility of multiple synchronization options which means that once the account is compromised; all the personal data and contact list will be used or shared with wrong intentions thus making the security aspect of prime importance. By following some of the basic measures as discussed in the subsequent paragraphs, one can safeguard their accounts falling into the hands of malicious hackers.


It is a misnomer amongst the majority of cyber users that password is the sole entity to protect a user account. Yes, it is the prime entity but not the only one and it should always be kept in mind not to discuss the username with any known/unknown identity on cyberspace. Choose a username which is not very commonly used and does have alphanumeric characters so that it becomes difficult for the hacker to memorize and to some extent add an additional security tier to the account. Also make sure that the username is linked to a proactive email id which gives an instant alert on being used or activated elsewhere.


Passwords play an imperative role rather a major role in defining the security standards of the account. It can also be termed as the last tier of defense fall of which would lead to a complete compromise of data and information. The length of passwords should never be lesser than 6 to 8 characters. These days’ passwords are being replaced by passphrases which is a better way of securing the account. Always try to add alphanumeric characters to the password which is not only difficult to hack but also makes it difficult to track as it breaks the pattern being followed in the cyberspace. At last make sure that the passwords should not follow a specific pattern and should be anything related to your personal happenings which make it easier for the hackers to track.


The usernames and passwords should be only known to you and no one else. Sharing of the same deliberately or accidentally is the major source for the hackers to have an easy access to your account and using it for mollified intentions.

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Tell-Tale Signs:

Do not leave any traces of username and password in the form of rough notes, personal diaries, storage media or photographs which can turn out to be a medium towards your hacking of account.

Friend Request:

Avoid accepting friend requests from unknown persons or groups. It might be the first indication that you are being watched and you never know when you become a victim of cyber hacking.


It is good to socialize with people all around you but always keep in mind that it is one of these people who might be hacking your account anytime soon. Stay cautious and alert of the things and activities revolving around you. It might be a lucky day when you yourself save the account from being hacked.


One of the most common mistakes of Facebook users is that they are always logged onto their Facebook accounts even if it is not in use. This is the most promising time for the hackers who are continuously monitoring your idle account and copy required information without the user getting to know about it.  Thus always make it a habit to logout from your account even if the time for the next login is considerably small. Remember the prevention is always and every time better than cure.

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Saving of Credentials:

It is a general practice of all the home users that they save their credentials like username and passwords on the cache memory of the pc’s/laptops thus increasing the risk of the data getting leaked or hacked. Thus avoid saving any kind of important credentials on the computer and instead use your brain storage for the purpose which is practically impossible to hack unless you desire.

Internet Connectivity:

Ensure that the mode for your Facebook account connection is secured and is not a public network used by many sharing devices.

“It is always advisable to use a private network which is password protected and is not known or shared by many users.”


It has become mandatory to install an anti-virus or internet security software on your computer before getting connected to any kind of network. Ensure that the installed version of anti-virus is paid software and is updated on timely basis in order to avail full protection cover for the computer.  The installation of this software would reduce unnecessary traffic load on the internet thus making it less prone to hacking attack. Also this is an added security feature both to your computer and the user Facebook account.

Browsing Habit:

One more common habit which is often found amongst all the users is that they tend to browse multiple sites along with the Facebook web page thus comprising the security aspect of the account. It is more pertinent with the websites which are not trusted or verified and adds malware to the existing account thus compromising all the requisite information.

All the points discussed above are very generic in nature but adherence to which can add a fool proof security protection to your account. The world of internet is expanding like never before and its expansion is also giving rise to malicious intents for which new ways and means are being devised every passing moment. Keeping all the points in view it is very important for all the Facebook users to be cautious in all the activities they perform on the internet and elsewhere at the same time maintaining a healthy browsing environment taking care of the security aspects all the time.

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