27Oct 2017

The Magic of HTML into Development World

HTML is a coding language used in designing and developing a website or application for cogent use of general people. They are contemplated as the way of standardizing the design process and lending eccentricity to every part of a website. HTML has always been helpful in condoning the place of various images and content on the website and conceding them to be positioned effectively. In this technically advanced world, they are powered to do something exceptional like:

Map Images:

Considered as a specialized element, Image maps are known to be general images with clickable functionality. By clicking on these images, the users can be directed to the other page on the website. Generally, these links on the image are hyperlinked to other parts of the similar document. One can define the specialized area by easily mentioning the corresponding X and Y coordinates of the points residing in the map or image.

Input Suggestions:

By making use of “data list” tag, one can design and endow with a list of pertinent  suggestions that appear in typing an input value. By doing this, one can create suggestion boxes on the website and place them at the required position for a better appearance. It is the brilliance of HTML tag that can highlight the Input Suggestion box within the site.

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Highlighting the Text:

Generally, the highlighted text has a dark colored texture and light shaded background. The highlighted effect on the text can be achieved by using markup language alone only. Whatever text is typed within the markup tag or language happens to get that effect. Indeed, highlighted colors can be customized with the help of CSS property and the text coloring property also for a better effect.

Defining Templates:

With the advent of new HTML 5 “template” element, it happens to hold up markup language inside it that is meant to generate dynamic content pieces on the page with the assistance of Javascript. However, the markup within the element is not rendered by the browsers. Also, it can help adding up rows or sections in a table.

Defining Templates - HTML

Fine Print:

It is considered as the text of the concerned document, which is printed in a smaller size with the assistance of contained details such as terms, conditions, restrictions, citations and even legal rights. Certainly, the “small” tags in the HTML are used to exhibit fine prints. With the advancement in HTML, the new version allows not just fine printed text to be stylized; but, happens to syntactically define legal disclaimers.

Assigning Base URL:

The “base” element of HTML is quite a useful thing about having numerous links in a concerned document with the similar URL. Generally speaking, this happens to initiate towards adding a basic URL to the document for empowering the users to add relative URLs on need and other specialized links. This entire thing is one of the best aspects of HTML and its newer version in the technology.

Responsive Images:

These days, the fashion in web development calls for responsive development because of increasing access to smart phones. As a part of this, images are toggled for a variety of screen sizes with specialized markup language. The “picture” tag in HTML 5 allows for adding a diverse image source for numerous types of media used. In this concern, responsive calls for evoking the reaction of users on using an image in mobile web designing. It is the technically advanced aspect of HTML 5 that enabled creating user-friendly images.

Responsive Images - HTML

Color Picker:

Colors are imperative in web designing because they lend grace to the entire appeal. The basic aspect of color selection is to choose the right color for the image and brighten its look for better representation. As an efficient input of HTML 5, the color picker is intended to empower a designer select a color on the web page for changing it as per need. It is a new input element that offers excellent support facility.

Color Picker - HTML

Group Options:

On having numerous options appearing in the drop down list and willing to exhibit as a group option, the “Opt Group” element of the HTML 5 version will definitely help the task to be completed without any difficulty. Along with this, the designer is allowed to give a style to the entire group for a unique identity. It is surely a technical advancement in the present world of web designing.

HTML Group Options

Non-script Element:

It is empowered to allow the users in telling about the script being disabled. It is rendered by the browser for informing about the disability of the elements. Along with this, it happens to provide an alternate fallback method for the specialized workings on the web pages that does not work without the support of Javascript. It is also an advanced version of HTML 5, which is considered exceptionally useful for the web designing.

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As an essential standard markup language to create web pages, HTML makes use of specialized tags enclosed in angle brackets and are used in pair format. This is the reason that they happen to create options for the betterment of text, images and the content used in web designing. Besides this, it has the power to add colors, videos and images in the background to make dynamic web pages. In the present world, strong web presence is highly essential for the companies because it allows them to expand beyond horizons and go global. The main idea of using HTML is to give a proper placement of images and content on a web page that it looks magnificent.

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