20Oct 2017

Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Company

As the website of a company represents it online, it must be in sync with the missions and goals of the company. The overall layout and design of the website must reflect the ideology and objectives of the firm. An e-commerce website for instance must be attractive and strategically designed to draw consumers towards it. Conveying all these details to the website design company may be a tough job, but must be done in order to make the developers completely understand the requirement of the website and what the company wants to show through the website. It is a wrong notion that the company can forget the task of web development once it is assigned to the offshore web development company.

  • Your company may not have web design as its core competency and hence may require hiring web design company to create websites.
  • It is your prime responsibility to ensure that the website design company is competent enough to deliver what you require.

To ensure that the final website that is delivered is exactly what the client asked for, the client must monitor the process of development at every stage. Hence, you need to ask a lot of questions before you hire a website. It must be made clear to the web design company that you as a client will be monitoring the process of the web design. Before you zero in on the company for your web designing, there are certain questions that you do need to put up with the said company and get satisfactory answers. It will be crucial in the long run and also to forge better long lasting relationship. It would also help in understanding each other’s requirement well enough to be able to deliver the project on time.

Essential Glossary of Web Design Terms

The questions you need to pose to the web design company before hiring them

You are required to hire a web design company for building a website if your company’s core competency is not developing websites. To remove all kinds of doubts from your mind and ensure that your website is in the right hands, you must ask these questions to the website development company.

  • What are the strength, experience and expertise of the team handling web designing?

You must be aware of the strength of the team and whether they are experienced and qualified enough to execute the project the way you would like. You should clearly ask about all these points and also seek true answers.

  • Which technology do you work on?

There are many new technologies that are emerging in the web design, domain and it is best to implement newer and most advance technologies to build the websites so that the websites are compatible with the new devices and browsers.

  • Can you show me the CMS that you have built at the back-end?

You must ask for some of the earlier works that the team has developed. The best thing to ask for is backend of the website, i.e. the content management. You can then assess the work of the team and also judge their competence to deliver your project the way you wish.

  • Can you build responsive websites?

In this era of mobile devices and tablets, your website must be compatible with the smaller screens of the mobile phones and other devices. For making this possible, the website design should follow mobile first approach and make the website responsive. You should ask the company, whether the people in the team are capable of doing so as it requires special skills.

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  • The cost of the development, maintenance, hosting and other website related expenditures?

The cost incurred in the development of the website as well as its maintenance should be discussed in advance to avoid any future tussle. The cost of each and every process of the website design and its hosting, etc. must be asked for the company so that there is no dispute afterwards.

  • What is the time required to design the entire website?

It is important that a timeline is discussed and decided. It helps to keep the people working on the project on their toes and does not let them relax and leave the work on tomorrow. You must also ensure that you keep reminding the company of the deadline so that your project is not delayed.

  • What is the design process?

You can take the liberty of asking the design process the company follows, to get a better understanding of their work. It also helps you understand, how structured and organized the process of the web design is.

  • Will the design files a property of the client?

It must be discussed in advance that whether the design file source is the property of the company or you can use them for your internal purpose. There are many such web design companies which keep the clients captive.

  • How long you have been in the business and what is your clientele?

It is your duty to ask the company about the years that it had been doing the web design work. It lets you assess the experience of the company and whether they will be able to handle the project. Also, you must ask them about their past works and the clients for whom they have worked previously.

  • Do you hire a dedicated project manager to look into the project?

Last but not the least, you must ensure that there is a dedicated project manager who will look into your project and see that it is completed and delivered on time. You should also meet the project manager and brief him or her about the project so that it is executed in an efficient manner and there is no delay in the delivery of the project.

Only after getting satisfactory answers to these questions, you should choose the web designer company. It is in the best interest of the company as the website is its face on the internet and nothing about it can be left to chance.

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