20Oct 2017

Essential SEO Tips for Joomla You Must Know

Joomla is a user friendly open source web designing software for creating an e commerce platform. For those who are looking for creating a website for themselves this is the ideal place to start. The website is simple enough even for those who do not have any technical knowledge. You are not required to write any programming on this platform. The website will guide you how to create a website of your own. All you have to do is drag and drop your data. They also offer pre decided themes to make it easier for you to create your website. The installation is quick easy.

Let us assume that you already have a Joomla account and you have your website up and running. You have put up great content with images on your website. But! Your website is unable to attract the traffic that it should. No matter how hard you try you are just unable get your website the online presence that it needs.

You have to make your website search engine optimized. This means that every time somebody searches for an article or content regarding the same theme as your website the search engine that they are suing should be able to pop up the link to your website amongst the first few options. In short you have to make your Joomla website user friendly.

In this article we are going to discuss some basic SEO tips that you must take care of when you have website on Joomla.

Keep SEO as top priority:

While designing your Joomla website please keep in mind that you have to make the website SEO friendly. You can do so by using keywords, Meta tags and site map. Please keep in mind that you have to ensure that the just mentioned SEO tools are all in sync. That is the name of the website, the sitemap, the keywords and the Meta tags should all have the same words and themes. The more in sync all of these are with each other the more easier would I be for the search engine to look up your website and put it in front of your audience.  In short it means that all the roads should lead to one destination. The Joomla website offers to its customers various extensions. In case you are new to Joomla you can try the AceSEF extension. This extension is very user friendly and easy. They also have other extensions like RS- SEO and sh404SEO. Try using the SEO friendly plugins that the website has to offer. Please do not over do the key words as that can have the reverse effect on your traffic.

The Anti-spam must have an effective extension

Spams can be quiet a pain for website owners. If you especially have a comments or a review section you will have many people posting spam links. This can ruin the SEO position of your website. You should keep in mind that having spam links on your website is going to drive away your audience. Here for you must use an effective anti-spam extension. There is a feature called Joo ReCaptcha. This feature allows you to add Captcha tests for anyone who posts. You can utilize the same to keep the spams off your website. There are various other plugins as well that you can use to make your Captcha tests absolutely fool proof. Please keep in mind that the anti-spam extensions should be added early on. Please do not wait for your website to be up and running. By the time you realize, the damage caused by the spam would be too much and it would be difficult to bounce as one of the top most websites in your field.

Low VPS? Get a higher one

A big error that a lot of people make is hosting a Joomla account or a VPS on only a 256MB memory platform. Why we say it is a big error is because Joomla is used to using resources which take up a lot of space. Using something as low as 256 MB, will not let your website work or will slow down your website. You have to take care of this especially when there is a lot of traffic that is visiting your website. You don’t want your website slowing down or crashing down. It is best advised to have your Joomla account on a VPS which has 1 GB memory. You also have the option of setting up a server specifically for your Joomla website.

Live site experimenting? Big NO!

The Joomla websites biggest no is to experiment with your website when you are live. If you do so you always have the risk of your data getting lost forever and we are sure you wouldn’t want that to happen. Also the risk with live experimenting is that half updates of the website can cause it to crash, which again is a big oops! situation to be in. So the workaround for experimenting with your website is to add a local server which is specifically going to be for testing. You wouldn’t have the fear of losing the main data or the website crashing down and yet you will be able to play around and explore and update your website.

Take your time before going live!

Don’t be in a rush to go live with our website. Yes the website is an excellent and a simple platform but you must take your time to understand the website. Try and go through the terms and conditions. You must understand and experiment with all the plug in that the website has to offer. The more you experiment in the early stages the more confident will you be when you make your website live. Remember you wouldn’t have that amount of freedom to experiment with your website as you would in the initial stages hence you must utilize this time that you have to experiment.

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