21Oct 2017

Tips To Create A Better Ecommerce Website

E Commerce companies have come in a big way as more and more people are turning towards online portals to buy several products as they do not wish to take the pains of going to the shop and look for their favorite pair of clothing. Moreover, the e-commerce websites offer discounts on most of the products and the services they offer for sale. When people are getting great discounts and their choice of product delivered at their doorstep, it is only natural that they would prefer e-commerce websites. However, to keep the interest of the consumers intact, the e-commerce portals have to update themselves so that they can cater to the ever changing demands of the consumers. Also, they have to be on their toes to ward off the competition which is getting more intense with each passing day.

It is therefore important to create e commerce websites which are usable from the consumer’s perspective and cater to their most primaries of the requirements like security and ease of shopping. Achieving this requires constant innovation and a lot of skills. Following some of these tips, you can create e-commerce websites which can strike the right chord with the users.

Essential Glossary of Web Design Terms

Search option is a very integral part of the e commerce website. While developing the website, special attention needs to be given to it. There are many users who directly search for the product from the search bar. In almost all the cases, all the related keywords must land them on the page they are looking for. The consumer may not be aware of the brand name or the model number, but the search engine must be smart enough to return the most relevant product or the page to the consumer. Moreover, if the search bar is able to suggestions to the users, it cannot get better for the website.

  • Simple and Secure checkout

Security is a major issue in e-commerce, which deters many consumers from shopping online. The only way to ensure that your website is secure and safe to carry out transaction is to take a certification from agencies like SSL, Verisign and many others. All your transactions must be secured by various layers of protection so that the consumers are not scared of making any transactions on your website. Also, the process from choosing the product to checkout should be made as simple as possible. All the required links and buttons should be placed strategically so that users do not have to look for them all over the place. The users must feel the ease of shopping and every step of the process must appear like a breeze.

  • Suggestions based on previous shopping and selections

Not every buyer is clear about what to buy and what not. Depending on the age and preference of the users, the website must offer some suggestion which helps them choose easily. Suggestions can be based on the product, the user has been looking for or browsing lately. This ensures that you are able to capture the choice of the users and offer them something they might like. It makes shopping way more interesting for the users. Another suggestion that the eCommerce websites can give to the user is about another product that might go along with the one, the user has just selected to buy. For instance, if the user has chosen a trouser to buy, you may show those shirts which will match the chosen color of the trouser. It will surely engage the customers and eventually boost the sale.

  • Make the call to action button standout

You must avoid lengthy sign up forms, but your call to action button must be distinct and attract the users. As an e-commerce company, you must not be bothered about the phone number and the address of the consumer. The sign up page should just ask the email address of the users and register them. Forms which ask for unnecessary details often turn off the users and increase the bounce rate. Another important aspect is the call to action button. The button that says, “Join us” must stand out and tempt the users to click it. It can be made attractive by the use of fonts, colors and images whichever fits the bill.

  • Shopping without registration

Registration must not be prerequisite to shopping. The users must be allowed to shop like guests without pressing them to register first. You may remind the users of missing the privilege of a registered user must not at any cost make registration compulsory. There should be an option to shop like a guest. The guest user should be allowed to track the orders and return them if required. Such steps may help in user retention, boosting the sales and also reduce the bounce rate.  After the user has shopped as a guest, he or she can be informed of the ease of shopping when the user is registered.

  • Presence of breadcrumb navigation

Breadcrumb navigation helps the user to determine that how much process is over and how much is left. If such navigation is not provided, the users may be perplexed about their position and will be turned off. Such navigation gives a clear idea about the number of processes, left to be done. For instance, the steps of the process such as payment, checkout, address etc. can be shown to the users to inform them about the remaining processes.

These are some of the tips that can go a long way in making your e commerce websites a favorite among the consumer because of being attractive and intuitive at the same time. Security is another issue which still haunts many users to try online shopping, as they are scared to part with their bank details online. If your website is able to convince such users by stressing on the security measures that you have taken in your website, you can draw a considerable number of users to the website. Go ahead and make your eCommerce website more usable by implementing these tips.

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