17Nov 2015

How to Create Effective Typography?

Today, let’s discuss about the timeless art known as Typography, something that has been a hot topic for a long time among designers. These ideas will help you make better use of typography in your designs.  Lets start!!

Start with The Basics

Learns and do an analysis of the Basics of Typography

This should be your first & most important step towards learning typography. Learn basics of art for a better understanding of ideas. If you are unfamiliar with the concepts, you may mistakenly think typography is fairly a simple battle to win.

So if you are good in usage of alphabets, you are eligible to win half of the battle it seems, right? In reality, typography is not as easy as it seems to be; it is quite complicated and is a scientific art which more often is critical to the performance of a website.

Specific jargons in the anatomy of a typeface, precise measurements and general standards must to be known and respected. With several forms of design, you can only go breaking the rules to prove a point, only if you really know what you are doing.

I love Typography” is one of the best places available online to learn about typography. This is a blog completely dedicated to beautiful type settings. Spend some time there to get a grip on basics. You can also check out this blog on Canva.

Analyze your Kerning

Analyze your kerning

This post is not meant to be considered as a comprehensive analytic study of typography, so it won’t be a good idea to examine each and every term mentioned here in detail. However, kerning not just another term, it is something mostly overlooked by almost each and every designer, new or old.

What exactly is kerning?

What Exactly kerning Is

Kerning is a method of adjusting of the space between two letters in a given font. However, this should be considered as a separate issue in comparison to tracking, which is used to make space adjustments between all the letters simultaneously. You may think that expensive software like Adobe Illustrator would automatically solve all the kerning chaos for you. But this is not true & you have to make sure kerning is provided the due attention it deserves.

Font Communication

Your font selections which should never be an arbitrary process. Simply scrolling through your entire collection to find a good font that you would like will rarely produce that required effective result. The reason is that there is an essential psychological association with certain types of fonts which you should watch for, For Example, consider the fonts below.


You would never see a fighting champion or wrestling hero’s name mentioned in a pretty script font. Similarly, you would hardly ever use cooper black on your wedding invitations as well. The font you choose must be able to communicate certain attributes at both the conscious and the sub-conscious level. The above picture reflects a bad choice of fonts.

Beware of Communicating Font

Now consider the above fonts. The first 2 of them communicates the content with a matching font. The next 2 also shows gender based characteristics which suits the content. Notice how Masculine is written in bold & thick while Feminine is written in curvy to appear feminine. This is what we are talking about.



Alignment is one of the most important concepts in typography that needs to be worked upon. For some reasons, non-designers tend to instinctively center align everything. In reality, center alignment is the weakest and toughest to read and should be used in selective and important designs only.

For Example: The center-aligned paragraphs are harder to read due to the lack of the hard edge. There’s no consistent starting or stopping point for each line so that your eyes take a moment to adjust to each new line. A designer should be careful to consider these subtle changes while designing.

Choose a Good Secondary Font

Choose a Good Secondary Font

Just after choosing a primary typeface, the next important step is to choose another font which will complement it. The supporting font should not be more ornate and harder to read than the primary font, as this will detract from the primary font, which should be avoided.  Both the fonts should not be similar in thickness to be used together. Be sure that both the fonts should be different enough to prevent visual confusion and hold more emphasis on the primary font.

Size Does Matter

If you have created tons of designs over the years, one of the most important thing you would have learnt is that headings are very important. At most, you will have maximum a second or two to give your best to get someone’s attention. If you miss that opportunity, you lose your potential consumers. The heading requires to be read word by word clearly, so that the reader gets a sense of what the message is all about.

Make sure you take care of these typographic concerns & get ready to create even better & splendid designs.

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