14Sep 2018

Get Facebook help to locate the best Professional Services in your local area with this hidden tool!

Facebook has been constantly introducing newer features to enhance user experience and oust its competitors proving that nothing could stand in its way to woo customers. Again Facebook has unveiled a new feature- the Services Directory.

I believe I am the first to have spotted it though, I could not find any relevant sources on the actual date when the feature was rolled out by Facebook.

I happened to discover it while I was rummaging across local businesses and services, Facebook seemed to be ready to offer some help and gave me a list of some of the best professional businesses and services based on popular reviews and ratings.

Guess, Facebook is silently testing the feature as it has not officially made any declarations after launching the new feature.

You can locate local searches for all categories of businesses starting from Arts & Entertainment, including business consultancy, computer services, home decor, event planning, pet services and more. Now this seems to pose a serious threat to local search companies like Yelp and the Angie’s list which mainly focuses on helping people find and locate local businesses based on user reviews.

Also, it might be a serious threat to Google & its game changer micro-moments that usually focuses on connecting people with businesses lying in close proximity to them. Maybe Yelp and Google can heave a sigh of relief as the feature is currently modelled for desktops as of now, but we cannot actually conclude that Facebook is not going to make it available to mobile phones.

I believe this is Facebook’s psychological move to support local SMB’s to promote their businesses while helping them convert social signals into sales .

Facebook local businesses directory

Here is how it works:

Click on the link: https://www.facebook.com/services/You can find two menus, on the first menu you need to just enter your business specific search item for example “Movie Theaters” and add on the place in the next menu for example “Mumbai” and hit search. Facebook’s new Services Directory will come up with the list of Movie Theaters in Mumbai based on the popular Facebook reviews and ratings.

Facebook Services Directory

Facebook’s new Services Directory will come up with the list of Movie Theaters in Mumbai based on the popular Facebook reviews and ratings. As of now we cannot actually make any assumptions as to how Facebook is fetching the results, though it looks like Facebook is using its intelligence on user preferences and interests and customizes the results based on their previous interactions with a specific business page and also depending on whether any of their Facebook friends have reviewed these pages.

Also, while I was on my research I found that the results that are fetched by the feature differs when you login and logout.

Another attraction of the feature is that people can explore a wide range of other features (for example:- if a search is made on jewelry stores, retailers or outlets falling under multiple categories such as jewelry boutiques, designer jewelry etc. are displayed and you can widen your search further with these options) and also you can explore the geographic areas further.

Quite unsure whether you have observed the new Places Directory another similar feature from Facebook that was introduced a little while ago, which is a local site that is inclined specifically towards guiding browsers based on user reviews to easily locate what they are searching for, though you might not find answers for all your queries.

I am not sure whether you have discovered how it works, and if you have not yet found the amazing feature, just click on the link: https://www.facebook.com/places and easily get answers for your local searches and travel sites. Actually the new Places Directory collaborates the Graph Search, the Page Locations API and many other elements to explode the directory with the best results for local searches.

It is actually unpredictable whether Facebook is boosting the new Services directory feature and its functionalities in collaboration with the Places directory and customizing its search results based on the local listings in the directory.

Looks like Facebook in its attempt to enhance user experience with more advanced results, is now helping business pages with popular reviews and ratings to grow and expand their customer reach!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for its launch across mobile devices with more enhanced functionalities!

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  1. Laura

    Looks like it’s working for mobile now as long as you use your internet browser to get there.

  2. Celina

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on facebook services directory.

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