20Oct 2017

Generate Brand Interest on Facebook Page: Getting Started

You have a Facebook page to your business. Now what? This is the question many business entrepreneurs face, not knowing how and where to head next post creating a brand page.

If you are one among the many who own a Facebook page because your competitors have theirs, or because everybody else is doing, and don’t know where to start next, this article is for you.

Below we have discussed some simple yet effective ways on how you could harness the power of social media to generate interest in your brand, particularly on Facebook. Here we go!

  1. Cover Photo

Cover photo is what your eye balls meet first upon landing a Facebook page. This area represents immense opportunity to grab user attention and create a visual representation of what your brand is, what it has to offer, attract users to ‘like’ your page by offering cool stuffs, using directional cues etc. Be innovative, and utilize the space diligently.

  1. Custom Tabs

Custom Facebook tabs are easy to create with tools like Shortstack round the corner. You could create custom tabs to share videos, promotional content, tweets, run contests, and most importantly to put up forms where you can conveniently capture leads without getting them distracted away from your Facebook page. The form can be integrated into any type of appropriate content, for instance, if you have a free e-book for download or want to grow subscribers list to your email newsletters, you could build a form along with that promotional content. Use the feature of custom tabs to engage and instill interest among your followers.

  1. Content

Produce useful, intriguing content to encourage engagement and spike interest in your Facebook community. Be consistent, and watch out for the posts that drive the most engagement. This helps to provide insight on the type of content your target audience loves the most. Bear in mind that a lot of I, Me, I am will turn down your fans, so make sure that you do not do the all the talks around your brand. Promotional content is alright, but it’s also important to publish non brand related content, which is of value and interest to your fans.

  1. Images, Links & CTAs

Photos on Facebook page receive 53% more likes than the average post, a revelation compelling enough to get us to use them more frequently. When appropriate, make sure that you are allowing these photos an opportunity to promote your brand or capture leads by linking it back to your website (you could use URL shorteners here).  Using CTAs are just as important. If you want your users to click a link, tell them. Don’t rest on the assumption that they will click on it just because you have a link put up there.

  1. Promote using Facebook Ads

If you have a particularly important content you would like some extra traffic seen to (for example a grand sale, or a hot contest etc), consider promoting the post. Promoted posts are more likely to earn trust and engagement as they appear right within the newsfeed, as opposed to traditional sidebar ads. Promoted posts also aid the visibility of mobile users, as they do not see the sidebar ads which only appear to desktop and laptop users. You have total budget flexibility and minimal management hassles as you have the option to target just your fans and friends of fans.

  1. Converse, Interact & Build Relationship

Link some amount of personification to your brand by engaging in conversations and interactions with your fans. Run contests, ask them questions, take their feedback, get their opinions, respond to their queries, offer give aways, thank them, show them how you value them individually. There are many free social media tools that will send you scheduled alerts when an interaction occurs on your Facebook page, so you could respond in a timely manner. Engaging in conversations and interactions help build trust and loyalty of your fans.

  1. Insights

Use Facebook Insights to learn more about your page performance. Insights can yield you valuable reports of reach, engaged users, new likes etc, helping you understand what type of posts drive more responses and engagement. This helps you adjust your Facebook strategy accordingly.

How has Facebook strategy helped your business? Share your Facebook tips with us through the comments section below.

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    Thats good points to be tried on every Facebook page for business, Thanks

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