20Oct 2017

5 Top Landing Page Design Trends to Create Awesome Apps

The websites which are designed for the desktops and the mobile applications have one purpose to serve and that is to increase the number of downloads. These websites also have the info related to the program assistance as well as updates. But, mainly the developers wish to increases the rate of retention amongst their users.

The main purpose of the landing page is to attract more and more visitors towards one specific interaction. While studying the design of the landing-page, you would often spot a lot of similarities with different kind of products and services offered by the website.

The program featured lists

The program featured lists

There can be nothing more irritating than a landing page which is vague. This becomes even more terrible for the programs which the users are asked to download while they having the least idea on how it works. Each and every application is added for a reason and thus it can be easily split into small components. For instance, Photoshop has an unlimited collection of components which will attract the users who are visiting the page for the first time. But, even simple things like CPUID have got a number of exciting components.

Almost of the visitors have a terribly short span of attention; you should be concise as well as abrupt. The feature lists are basically used for explaining the concepts with some graphics as well as icons along with a short description.

Here take a look at the landing pages of these websites Markham Bootcamp, EyeNetwork and  Gate Coaching designed at Acodez that depicts extraordinary spontaneity in their designs.

Each and every feature will have a very small icon, a title and a short description. The components are listed together in two columns which stream down the webpage.

You need to keep in mind that a lot of visitors do not read the description but they might skim the header. Each and every feature should have an icon to which the users can relate. Also, there should be some text describing the heading which can interprets the value of the feature to the users.

 A professional colour scheme

A professional colour scheme

The colour and the texture can be an efficient way of capturing the attention of the users and to give life to your webpage. The visitors would definitely be inclined towards your page if it offers them some pleasing choices of colours. Go for a particular theme which relates to your program and use icons as well as graphics related to the theme.

You need to keep in mind that the colours need to be in contrast wherever applicable. Sometimes you just need links or buttons to stand apart from the other components of the webpage. Same is applicable for the content sections also.

While you need to elegantly utilize the color schemes, just ensure that you do not make it very flashy. Texture should be simple and different colors would help you to break the page. Also make sure that you opt a style which best fits in the application.

Screenshots of the application

Screenshots of the Application

The landing pages which feature the digital services or products should focus on the products and services. This is possible only with the help of graphics and features. The most significant tool here can be screenshots. Good quality screen provide a direct view of program. Good pictures which showcase different functions may be the tip point for prospective customers.

For instance, if you take a look at the Homepage of Monodraw, for Operating System X you will realize how powerful it is. It is an ASCII Editor which has been developed for Mac.The headers basically features a huge screenshot under the download and buy buttons. As you scroll down, you would notice that various sections utilize slider animations for displaying other screenshots as well. Each of the section covers different components and also demonstrates how it works. Even someone who does not need this application would still appreciate the beauty of the landing-page.

In the Windows world, let’s have a look at the Homepage for ShareX. This is basically a program which is meant for capturing screenshots as well as clips of the desktop with some significant features, post production add ons and annotations. The landing page itself is quite simple with just a few CTA icons and one single screenshot. At the top you would notice a navigation bar which has the link to the screenshots. The link would open a model window which features all

the screenshots hosted by Imgur. There would be a number of screenshots in this single album which would cover the most significant features and also how they would look on the program.

You may use the screenshots for adding pragmatism in the layout. You need to give your visitors one good reason for trusting the app and see how it works actually in the real life situation.

Appealing Graphics

Appealing Graphics

While the graphics might not match with the theme assigned to each and every landing-page, they would add an impression of high quality as well as attention to the detailing. Graphics just revolve around the icon of the app as well as its related themes. The most efficient graphics would tie into overall theme.

In case you are not a talented and trained Graphics Designer, you shouldn’t force things into the project. High end graphics cannot be achieved just like that. You need a lot of practice and try matching the skills of your ideal designers. With time you would be surprised with yourself.

Natural call to action

Natural call to action

Without any doubt the call to action is the most prominent part of the landing-page. For software and the mobile applications, the aim is to make the visitors download the program.

The visitors need to be provided with the action as and when they reach the landing-page. This signifies that you wish to add the link or button somewhere on the header of the page within a better view. Just stick to one color which stands apart from the background creating high visibility as well as contrast.

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