27Oct 2017

YouTube vs. Vimeo – Which is Best To Use in Web Design?

Hosting videos on third party sites like Vimeo and YouTube can serve multiple purposes. It does not only helps one to establish online presence at social networking sites but also helps one to use these services  for embedding videos in website contents.

Which video site is better entirely depends on the way it creates videos and puts it over different websites. It is utmost important to know what video hosting attributes are important for one as a website owner. While zeroing upon any video creating website, one must specifically keep the following points in mind:

1. The posted video must reach the maximum number of audiences
2. Resolution of the posted video must reflect you and your business
3. The posted videos must be selected according to the private and general public
4. What role do the inserted advertisements play when someone watches the posted videos
5. Duration the posted video; frequent, short or long
6. Optimize video for search engines

The major advantage of using Vimeo or YouTube is that these third party websites tend to actually resize and host the videos. Thus, there is minimal loading time for your own website.

Improve Your Responsive Web Design Approach

With Vimeo one has a greater control over the feel and look of the selected video that is embedded in your site. It Include the video title, creator, size/dimensions, color and quality of the video. The qualities of the videos posted through Vimeo are much better than the ones posted via YouTube.  With free accounts, one can upload one HD video each month. On top of that the uploaded video can be of any duration, unlike the ones limited to 10minutes on YouTube. In order to embed Vimeo video, one just requires visiting the site, selecting the video and clicking the embed link over the chosen video. A box shall appear over the page top with a specific code for embedding the video and previewing it. For customizing the video, one must click “customize color”, “size” and similar options. The video shall get updated as the changes are made by you in it.

If one`s target market specifically includes reaching out the creative community over the web world, then Vimeo is the best choice for you. With Vimeo one can find out higher quality interactions with others. The dialogue constructions are far better. One can also enhance one`s interaction with the general public who are interested to share the posted video. The small audience of Vimeo simply means lesser competition. It helps users to have convenient access to their description of the posted videos. Thus it enhances the possibility for the web owners to have enhanced traffic and better profits.

In terms of privacy also vimeo is far better than YouTube. One can conveniently create channels that are only accessible to those who have accounts and passwords for watching those videos. This is the best way to be paid online for something that requires signing up for accessing the content.

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Rajeesh PK

Rajeesh PK

Rajeesh P.K. is the Director and Creative Head at Acodez . With an experience of 10+ years in UX Design & User Interface Design, when coupled with his expert coding skills in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, makes him one of the top UX Architects in India, with more than 15 international awards to his credit.

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