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Top 10 Typography Trends in 2017

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Typography trends 2017

This era has been truly hectic while regarding web design. With the start of mobile revolution, everything is getting changed instead of evolving. Typography has been one of the fields that have indicated colossal development and new patterns.

Typography is an important factor in web design. Much the same as the correct pictures and photographs make your best design, does the textual styles. One wrong textual style can make your design will look bad in all way.

Typography has seen enormous changes, because of cell phones. Apple, Google, Amazon has presented their own typefaces trying to adapt up to the move. Amazon particularly designed a typeface for their Kindle gadgets, called Bookerly. Google launched the typeface Product Sans to react to the changing needs of web and likewise Apple’s custom typeface San Francisco was presented with Apple Watch.  

Let’s look at the best typography trends in 2017 that helps your business to expand your organization’s web authority.

1. Custom Typefaces

Custom typerfaces

Thinking back to when Apple launched their sans-serif typeface “San Francisco” in mid-2014 first utilized as a part of their presentation of the Apple Watch, techies have gradually started to see this heading towards mark particular typefaces being sought after by other industry perceived huge organizations. Google recently built up another multi-script typeface previous year, with its motivation being done from worldwide type designers to support Unicode web publishing in the South Asia, Middle East and South East Asia.

It can be favorable for your business to consider following improvement of its own typeface. While it requires investment and interest at the starting, individuals appreciate differing qualities and what better of an approach to demonstrate it at that point having a customized textual style. One that is sufficiently agreeable for the client to look at for broadened time can go far in building organization reputation and brand amiability with purchasers.

2. Variable Typefaces

Variable Typefaces

The Open Type Variable Font was introduced in mid September 2016 as a joint development project by Google, Microsoft, Apple and Adobe to change the manner which we understand responsive web design.  It is described in a best way by Adobe Typekit Blog, As a natural part of responsive web design, imagine sharpening and rounding brand typefaces as a choice by designer, imagine raising fonts to favorite height just a touch at small sizes, imagine reducing descenders clearly so that headings will not be crashed into one another.

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3. Extreme Size Typefaces (tiny and large)

Extreme size typefaces have been the trend for some years. Fundamentally, this pattern is to utilize extraordinary sizes to pass on the message. Extensive text dimension is utilized to feature and make an effect and small textual styles are utilized to additionally clarify the message.

A few people may fear implementing this pattern, yet it can be tried as it is one of the trends in 2017 too.

You can likewise go small text styles, yet they must be joined with large or hero images.

4. Handwriting Pattern

 Handwriting pattern

Manually written typefaces are becoming a trend than ever. We’re starting to see that a bigger number of brands are utilizing a written by hand text style for their website pages, visual logos, and social portrayals. This is of simple reason. It makes a friendly and inviting feel for clients who are diving into a business’ website page. The uniqueness of a text style can go far in managing a buyer through a focused on client travel in which an organization needs to fabricate a story. This can be anyplace from introducing a product or explaining the behind insights with respect to developmental ventures.

5. Mixed Typefaces

An incredible and interesting trend we have seen in 2017 is this thought behind utilizing diverse typefaces together to make a bigger theme. Mix and match typefaces doesn’t simply mean a minor variation from a single text style, however a keen coordination of altogether different textual styles that play on each other’s characteristics to make a general visual impact. Effectively uniting diverse styles in topography can prompt a superior visual portrayal of your image therefore making customers more anxious to collaborate with what items/benefits your business brings to the table.

6. Using different Fonts in one Image

As indicated by Wichita State University, textual styles like Arial, Times New Roman, and Cambria can be understood by all sable individuals while textual styles, for example, Kristen, Gigi, and Rage Italic have a tendency to please individuals who are more inventive. Organizations are beginning to perceive that diverse text styles to attract more traffic and in the present digital world this can represent the best trend to drive more client leads. Try various textual styles and see which ones can be connected with others too.

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7. Superimposed Typefaces on Images

Social media has brought this trend. The vast majority of the images and quotes are designed with superimposed typefaces on images. They are so fascinating. This pattern rapidly got into limelight in typography. While using this kind of typography, you have to consider a couple of focuses. Check out the contrasting colors and roles. You have to make your content emerge of the picture yet unobtrusively coordinate into it. You have to likewise check the position of the content as it ought not to be an obstacle to anything on the picture. Also break points for various device resolutions must also be noted as well.

8. Mobile Website Fonts

Mobile website fonts

The significance of having a text style that is obviously noticeable on all different cell phone screen resolutions is important for your business. The adults using smartphones in the US has crossed 72% in last year, the significance behind giving responsiveness to your business’ typefaces and mobile user experience design is enormous. In any case, what is the best text style? Many sources will reveal to you that “Serif Fonts” are your most logical option while showing content on cell phones. Their adaptability for various platforms and simple to peruse structure makes their textual styles the best for mobile phones and tablets alike.

9. Artistic Fonts

Artistic fonts

In some cases we never go for normal ones. Isn’t it? Thus we go for artistic fonts to attract the visitors to our web page. Content written in such text styles will be a visual treat and all the more a web element than a typeface. This technique has been there for a long time and is exceptionally good in advertising posters. This procedure prompts intelligibility and deemphasis of the message. Anyhow, if utilized appropriately it could do wonders. It should be utilized carefully as they are not for everybody and have certain disadvantages.

10. Geometric

A best way to deal with displaying words, the sharpness and characterized feel that geometric letters have on a website page are amazing. An important factor of typography that we are certain to see in 2017 is this style of nearly cube-shaped like letter composing.


All things considered, these are the best typography trends in 2017 that have the most effect on typography world. However, there are additionally numerous changes you can take into consideration like – watercolor fonts, mix and match and image-over-text and so on.

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