17Nov 2015

6 Rules To Follow While Designing The Perfect Mobile Website

According to the latest surveys and the statistics suggested by them, approximately 70% of the traffic comes from the mobile websites. The simple and easily understandable reason for this trend is the surge in the usage of mobile phones with browsing facility. As smart phones have become commonplace these days, people are using them for all those purposes which once required a desktop computer. These online activities include shopping, social media websites and local searches etc. It is therefore quite important that there is a mobile version of the website that the users may access through their mobile phones. The need for a mobile site also arises because every mobile has different hardware configuration and screen sizes and making the website responsive alone may not serve the purpose.

Mobile websites are optimized for the mobile devices and therefore is supported by most of the devices, making the website accessible to the maximum number of users. The absence of a dedicated mobile website may lead to the loss of valuable consumers who prefer websites with a separate mobile website which provides better UX.

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6 rules to follow while designing the perfect mobile website

The importance of a mobile website has already been discussed and it is now time to bounce off the ideas that help you design the ultimate mobile website for providing an unmatched UX to the users who matter the most.

  • Knowing the target audience:

    The mobile website is for the mobile users and therefore making it for them is the key to success. Once your design is in sync with the preferences of the target audience, half of the goal is accomplished.

  • Prioritize the content to be shown on the website:

    As the screen of the mobile phone is small, you cannot clutter the mobile website with unnecessary details and promos. You must choose the contents and links which need to be displayed on the website.

  • Accommodate touch screen as well as keypad users:

    Touch screen mobiles are ruling the roost; however, you must not ignore those users who are still using the phones with keypads. The design should be such that both the users are catered to with efficiency.

  • Simplistic and minimalistic design:

    Nobody likes designs that use an excessive color combination and contain too many things. The design should be simple with only those elements which are required if it wants to strike a chord with the users.

  • Layout with single column:

    As you have very little space on the mobile phones, each and every nuance has to be worked upon to achieve the best utilization of the available space. Single column layout is one such rule that must be followed in the design of the mobile website.

  • Social media integration:

    Social media integration is a must if you wish to track your users’ preferences and establish a one to one relation with them.

With the growing mobile users across the world, it is high time that you keep these rules in mind while designing the mobile website.

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