27Nov 2020

Common E-Commerce Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Web designers today face multiple challenges when it comes to creating an interactive, engaging and a truly unique web design for their e-commerce client. However, no matter which designer you bring on board, it is always a good thing to ensure they do not fall in the trap of some common web design mistakes or you may also face the brunt of poor design ethics, i.e., sluggish conversion rates for the e-commerce store. There are different ways of maximizing the online business and to tap the best of opportunities that come your way. Here are some common e-commerce web design mistakes which should be avoided at all costs.

Copy-pasting product and service descriptions 

You might be under the impression that the product descriptions supplied by the product manufacturer are a perfect addition to the eCommerce shop. However, this is certainly not true. The reason for this is that other eCommerce stores may use the identical product descriptions provided by the manufacturer. Using the same product descriptions provided by the manufacturer may also harm your store’s reputation with respect to how the search engine will look for your website.

If you wish to stick out, you have to be unique. Get as descriptive as you can, specify all the product specs and features, sizes and colors, if any. Also, when writing a new product description, you have to focus on the value proposition of individual products. Lack of essential details will result in potential shoppers hopping on to other eCommerce stores to buy the same product. The reason for this is that they could not find enough information for the same on your eCommerce store.

Complex contact information

If you are not new to the world of eCommerce sales, then you would certainly agree that trust has an important part to play to bring in the sales. A shopper should, at no point, feel that the eCommerce store owner is hiding some information from the shopper. For instance, the contact information should be clearly laid out and easily accessible. For instance, the ‘contact us’ icon should be always visible to the shopper. The eCommerce website designer can also implement other ways through which you can assist the online shopper, be it live chat, email or even a phone call. This goes a long way in building customer confidence for the eCommerce store.

Tedious checkout process

Yes, this is one of the sins your web designer should steer clear of when designing the eCommerce store. You can still find many eCommerce stores that have multiple steps to complete the checkout process. The first thing a shopper would do is close the site’s window and look for the same product somewhere else. Ideally, there should not be over three steps involved in the checkout process.

The responsibility lies on the web designer to make this checkout process as uncomplicated as he/she can. The easiest and shortest piece for completing the purchase process is ideally one which has the largest conversion rate. The web designer should aim at creating the entire checkout process on a single page itself, to bring in more conversions.

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Rajeesh PK

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