21Aug 2020

Introduction To Programming For A Newbie

In the past few decades since the introduction of computers,  programming has now been involved in practically everything that has to do with computing.

There have been lots of books, videos, and tutorials to teach people how to program computers. But more often than none, the concept of programming seems to deepen and this has left a lot of people without the knowledge or background of computer science find it a lot more challenging to pick up programming either as a hobby or a career path.

In this article, I wish to explain some basic terms associated with programming to an enthusiast, newbie, or just some curious mind that can’t seem to place what exactly the concept of programming is about.

This article seeks to answer basic questions concerning what programming is. For example, you will get to understand:-

  • Definition of terms.
  • What is programming?
  • Programming – A Robot analogy.
  • Why should I learn programming?
  • Who should learn programming?
  • Is programming difficult?
  • How do I start to learn programming?

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Jamsheer K

Jamsheer K

Jamsheer K, is the Tech Lead at Acodez. With his rich and hands-on experience in various technologies, his writing normally comes from his research and experience in mobile & web application development niche.

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